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  1. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/1on1_What_Did_Chuck_Pagano_Want_in_New_Coaches/ea81dda2-02e9-403f-b2c8-336a4b3b5ada I counted 20 'You know's in the minute....
  2. Haven't posted on here in a while, but just been confirmed that the Colts will play the Jags in London on October 2nd 2016 Finally going to get to see them in the flesh! Very excited.
  3. We've proven we can beat Denver, Manning isn't getting any younger. New Orleans are currently $30,000,000 over the salary cap, so it'll be difficult for them to strengthen! Agree though, Pitt and NE will probably be losses.
  4. So, the 2015 schedule looks like this for the Colts... Home - Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New England, NY Jets, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Denver Away - Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Atlanta, Carolina, Pittsburgh Due to us having the benefit of playing a very weak NFC South. Does anyone think we'll finally push into a 12 win season?
  5. I really don't get the whole booing thing? Surely if your team's struggling that's when they need you most? If anything you should be cheering LOUDER and giving encouragement, rather than abusing them. Maybe it's just us over here, but we very rarely boo our own team (unless they've lost like 5/6 on the bounce) certainly never, ever boo them in a big game!
  6. Watched all four, resulting in me not getting to bed until 4:30am after the Pitt game! !
  7. In some twisted way it's almost a compliment that he had ANOTHER 100+ yard game and doesn't have a thread dedicated to him! It's almost a given these days! The guy is a special talent! BOOM, Moncrief and Hilton. The future is very bright for OUR Colts!!
  8. I must admit, I celebrated the Pitt win as if it were a Colts one last week. I'm going to jinx us now, but I do not rate the Bengals at all. You need a strong Defense or QB to make it through the play-offs. I just feel like the Bengals have neither. We have Luck (quite literally) and I'll take that every time! 28-17 Colts I say.
  9. We're the 4th seed. So assuming Pitt beats Baltimore, @ Heinz, (I'd say that's a pretty valid assumption) and that we overcome the Bengals @ home. We'd have to play NE @ Gillette. We played them this season with, home field advantage, and still got washed out 42-20. That's a pretty good reason not to have much confidence. Even if we somehow pull off a miracle, we then have to travel to Pitt or Denver, I honestly think it will be Pitt. Remember what happened last time we were there? 34-51. It's not pessimism, it's realism.
  10. You do realise that one of the main stereotypes for Americans over here (besides the morbid obesity) is that they're extremely self obsessed and arrogant..... "What came first, the chicken or the egg? 'MURICAAAAA'"
  11. I dislike Preston due to when you beat 6-0 us in April 2009. We missed out on the play offs by 1 goal that year! 1 GOAL!
  12. Going off topic again, but are you United or Wednesday then? It's easy to forget how relatively young the NFL is compared to 'soccer'!
  13. That makes a lot more sense now! Should have really thought about it more . City Derbies (not cheating I promise) - All of the London derbies. Birmingham/Villa Manchester City v Utd Liverpool v Everton Bristol City v Rovers Port Vale v Stoke? Technically Nottingham Forest v County Sheffield Utd v Wednesday Dundee v Dundee Utd Hibs v Hearts Ranger v Celtic That's all I could think of! bound to have missed some obvious ones!
  14. How do teams become 'rivals' in the US? Over here it's purely based on location. I'm only asking as we played Cinci a couple of weeks ago, and geographically they are situated closest to the Colts, yet nobody referred to it as a rivalry game? Yet, now we approach the Pats game and I'm getting the sense that this is seen as a rivalry game! So, does location have no bearing on rivalry games in the US? What makes a team a 'rival'?
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