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  1. Run the ball at 3rd and 1 and you decide to pass a long pass. Geez.
  2. Then why did they stop running? It didn't work? Gore got hurt? Or the latter?
  3. I stopped reading at "Plus the running game was BETTER than the Bills." LOL
  4. After 4 years? Isn't this the reason why we lost all of these games?
  5. Then why the # were they not using him earlier?
  6. So.... Why did the colts draft dorsett again?
  7. Exactly. The colts didn't improve none of this during the four years. How are you supposed to win the super bowl or let alone any tough playoff game when you don't have neither good or alone dominant O-line and D-line? You're just asking Luck and the crew to do a massive feat.
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