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  1. Of course it didn't give him the right to knock her out. And it didn't give her the right to hit him. Vice versa. Their daughter will find out what how incompetent her parents were and they will have to explain that.
  2. There's no justifying in anyone's actions. No one is a victim in this case. No one. No excuses. Both are responsible for this to happen. And they are both dealing with the consequences.
  3. "OMG luck did this and that greatest QB ever(even though it's his 3rd year)" "HES BETTER THAN MONTANA" Only casual fans do that. Only casual fans overreact and overrate players/coaches. I also hear eagles fans calling chip Kelly the most genius coach of all time. Even your beloved skip bayless called Manziel a "star". Literally 90% of colts fans HERE are NOT casual. That's a good thing. Thank god, otherwise I wouldn't of registered. You will find most of the causal fans on nfl, espn, BR, and some game websites. I don't take casuals seriously especially those who anoints players as the greate
  4. How about you bring quotes like thedude did?Edit: Indy is a basketball town but whatever.
  5. Name the users on the forum that says Luck is going to the hall of fame and one of the greatest Qbs of all time. Name them.
  6. He's just saying things that will get your attention and it's working. -facepalm-
  7. > defense gives up 40+ points while giving no pressure to Ben at all. >while luck was scoring 30+ while getting hit every play >blame on luck Flawless logic.
  8. >says Wilson is playing better at QB than Luck.>Will not trade Luck for anyone else lol. Trade Luck and a 2nd round pick for Wilson. Problem solved?
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