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  1. So.... Luck's turnover magically make Whalen fumble on the next colts possession?
  2. How many turnovers did Whalen accounted for I this game?
  3. sooo how did Luck throw over 50 ints in career when Rodgers just thrown 59 now?
  4. Then how come Whalen fumbled three times?
  5. You only blame one person for one turnover. Luck caused the INT. Whalen caused the fumble.
  6. He's not the best...... Rodgers and others were better....
  7. That he's not as good/great as everyone thinks he would be? Like Elite, top QB, Rodgers/Brady/Elway 2.0??Welcome to the party, but it seems like the party is over.
  8. He's not the best quarterback in the NFL in 2013-2014.....
  9. Now you're confusing yourself? What's your point about Luck? He's not good this season? Well water is wet.
  10. The usual, "if he can't do it, why won't you" cop out nonsense. Why won't you do it?
  11. If you don't have a agenda, not baiting, then what are you doing? Basically rehashing a topic that is already been discussed? Lol.
  12. So basically you have a agenda against opinions. That's pretty much baiting.
  13. Why do you people use Tom Brady as a example when he's a complete outlier?
  14. LOL. No one claimed he's Rodgers 2.0 or elite if you look at his overrated thread or every time he throws a pick. If he's the reason why the colts are 3-4 now, then trade him.
  15. Lol. He's not being praised. Edit: and what would you do? Get rid of him? Trade him?
  16. Luck is gonna make some demands then. You're giving him the leverage.
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