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  1. 5 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    So you dropped your allegiance for the Rams because they moved to St. Louis?

    No. I haven't seen a NFL team in LA ever in my life. I only started to watch football for five years and the reason why I picked the colts because of #12. The Stanford vs USC game (watched with my family) is when I see his greatness.

  2. Go back to 2001 and watch Tom Brady play QB. He's not an outlier, he just worked his butt off and became one of the greatest QBs ever. No reason Luck -- who is more physically gifted and has a much higher floor than Brady did -- can't do the same. The finer points, like footwork and release point, are the things Luck can fine tune, and when he does, he'll be far more consistent, probably unstoppable.

    Or maybe it's just not meant to be? Because logically the past number 1 picks should be one of the greatest ever if they work hard like Brady? Doesn't work like that.

  3. He's thrown a higher percentage of his passes further down the field. He also is getting hit and pressured on a much greater percentage of his throws. Both lead to picks. Rodgers is also probably a better decision maker on the field, I'll admit that.


    Yeah, but Rodgers was sacked over 50 times twice in his career.

    Lucks's: http://m.pfref.com/m?p=XXplayersXXLXXLuckAn00.htm&t=1

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