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  1. YourManBlu

    Mularkey Fired. 1 more job open

    If McDaniels does choose the Titans because of the “ceiling” of Mariota and Lucks shoulder then I don’t think that’s a smart move on his part. It’s not like Mariota has been healthy the majority of his career either. It even seems to me that when he is healthy and playing he gets nicked up at some point during the game. As some have stated loyalty by Irsay and the front office, a high draft pick and a ton of cap space is a great start for someone trying to come in and build around his scheme. Sure, the Titans are a better team now but imo they have a ton of work to do as well with many uncertainties. Then again I am a colts fan who wants Josh as our coach lol
  2. YourManBlu

    Things I'll watch this weekend.

    I agree about the secondary I'm excited to see what we have now that Davis is coming back. Wish Wilson was healthy - Davis, Melvin, Wilson would be fun to watch with Hooker at Safety.
  3. YourManBlu

    Malik hooker's first int

    I thought he played great. He made that great interception and seemed to be all over the place. A lot of people questioned his tackling and I thought he tackled very well and when he was the last guy left to make a tackle a few times during a big play he ended it (which isn't a good thing if your safety keeps doing that). Him and Wilson were fun to watch
  4. YourManBlu

    looking for

    I'm really excited about Mack this season. I think he has the opportunity to get more touches as the season goes on and he's flashed a ton of home run potential. Just hope he can keep the fumbles in check. Would like to see our top 2 picks Hooker and Wilson grow together this season too. I've seen enough of Green imo he's got all the ability but still, would rather see Wilson more over Green.
  5. I know they love the potential of Green and he's still young. But I'd really like to see Wilson and Hooker together and let them grow together on the field for the future. We are rebuilding so let the top 2 picks grow together and show what they have. I'm excited to watch Hooker this week I'm just hoping the give Wilson more opportunities over Green.
  6. YourManBlu

    Calvin Pryor

    I know a lot of people wanted him in the draft I don't know how well he has played but if he's shown flashes I would be fine with it for the right price and he's still young. Ballard has been preaching youth, speed and depth.
  7. Calvin Pryor just got released by the Browns after a fight with a teammate. Idk how he did with the jets before the trade and the fighting with a teammate worries me but I know a lot of people liked him coming into the draft. May be some good depth for cheap.