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  1. I stated my opinion based on the amount they played no they didn't look good when they were in today I know it's preseason I told him its a little early to say grigson made it worse and I believe the oline will be better than last seasons I just wasn't impressed today with the time they were given
  2. Instead of bashing u like a lot of other people on here I will say the offensive line looked bad today and I hoped to see improvement but it is a little soon to say grigson made it worse dont u think? I still think he added people to make the oline better...I think one more year they will be solid and Thornton is injured I think he has potential
  3. The defense may have slightly looked better the last few games but MJD tore us up still and Gabbert didn't do horribly against us as he played bad all year really...the texans were on their 3rd string rookie quarterback without Andre Johnson and their tight end, and Locker did pretty good late in the game against us...so I'm not really sold that the defense got better after Coyer we have a ton of work to do I hope we do go to a more basic 4-3 if anything but we need to get more aggressive sure tacklers on our team and as everyone knows some corners a SS and a DT that can really fill the gaps a
  4. I guess Fisher but Cowher I like more than anyone but I don't see him coming to Indy...I think Del Rio would be my top choice at DC and Spags as my second choice for DC. Del Rio has had more consistently strong defenses over the years in Jacksonville and was a solid linebacker back in his day so he has knowledge...I'm dreaming but hopefully Norv Turner gets fired and we find a way to get him at OC...we need to change the ways of our defense and get more physical and aggressive
  5. We will see I agree everyone is one hit away but I'm sticking with what I said
  6. I've never been a big fan of known scrambling quarterbacks...I like pocket quarterbacks that can it they need to scramble out and make a accurate throw. When was the lag time a known scramble quarterback won the Super Bowl? Quarterbacks are leaders that make the throws, running backs are the ones that run...scrambling quarterbacks also seem to get hurt more look at Vick, remember Culpepper, McNair, Mcnabb??? All have had plenty of injuries that effected them...if u haven't noticed I'm really hopin the colts make the right decision and take Luck over RG3
  7. Manning has had 3 next surgeries in the last what year or year and half? He's made millions, he's won a Super Bowl, he going to the hall of fame, in my opinion he's too smart than to come back and risk his future health with a team that clearly is rebuilding. The chances he comes back to play for us I would say is about 10%. All it takes it one hit and he could be having serious problems. It's sad and he has been fun to watch but we got to be real.
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