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  1. YourManBlu

    Where are you at with the Colts?

    I’m gonna go with #3 but I like where we are heading. I think we have done better than most of us thought they would have. The coaching staff and o-line is a million times better and we have a ton of cap space for next year. I bet we make playoffs next year and 2-3 years from now we become contenders if Ballard keeps it up. He’s done very well IMO. I know he has some doubters but I’m a fan.
  2. YourManBlu

    Vinatieri injuried - 4 points away from record

    Mike Badgley got signed by the Chargers. I thought he looks great in preseason too.
  3. YourManBlu

    Mularkey Fired. 1 more job open

    If McDaniels does choose the Titans because of the “ceiling” of Mariota and Lucks shoulder then I don’t think that’s a smart move on his part. It’s not like Mariota has been healthy the majority of his career either. It even seems to me that when he is healthy and playing he gets nicked up at some point during the game. As some have stated loyalty by Irsay and the front office, a high draft pick and a ton of cap space is a great start for someone trying to come in and build around his scheme. Sure, the Titans are a better team now but imo they have a ton of work to do as well with many uncertainties. Then again I am a colts fan who wants Josh as our coach lol