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  1. I know that’s Mack’s job. Still rather have someone else.
  2. Not a fan of Ajayi. Looked slow to me when I watched him last couple of years and 3 ACLs...I’d rather roll with what we got and if we must draft another rb in a later round. Coleman was the guy I wanted.
  3. I agree Coleman is better in that category as well. Yes Mack sucked it up that play but I still think overall he’s a threat in the receiving category. Plus pretty much every player had a play last year where it went off their hands and turned into an INT lol. I’m just saying they both would complement each other and keep the defenses on their toes and guessing.
  4. Tevin Coleman is the guy I’ve been hoping the Colts get. Him and Mack would be amazing and would add competition for the starting back which is what Chris Ballard preaches. Both keep the defenses guessing with the run or pass.
  5. I would love him for a 5th. Lot of potential and i would think he would be fun in the slot. Still need a big WR imo since we already have TY. But if he doesn’t work out as a WR I’d love to have an electric returner. Can’t remember ever having a return man that was as electric as him at least.
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