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  1. Had to do with injuries is why no interest , he is healthy now would be a stop gap pick up for our run at the crown
  2. Who is going to be the next GM for the Colts next year? If your Irsay and you draft a QB that comes around once every so often and your GM that you hired did not protect him and now he is hurt. YOUR FIRED
  3. Out of Wash no longer with the team.
  4. Put his influence on the defense. After all that is why Irsay hired him from Baltimore sure hope so
  5. Need to protect Luck and would help our OL
  6. Watch he will become a Pro Bowl player under the Pats
  7. They have refs on the field during practice so they won't commit penalties. AND YET WE CANT KEEP FROM NOT GETTING PENALTIES. They must have seen this in spring training or there is a new technique that the defenses our using that our coaching staff missed out on. Either way still sucks
  8. GO FIGURE, I thought are motto is WE CAN PLAY WITH ANYBODY
  9. not firing the coach but they did something to turn the team around.
  10. he is terrible, NEW DC and Coaching staff next year. PAYTON was showing us his resume
  11. As long as they are still in pop warner.
  12. After 4 years are we better? Wasnt that good in SD and isn't here.
  13. Every time the Pats get the ball the FANS need to scream for as long as the game goes. Even if we get down by 10 points
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