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  1. @stephenasmith i think colin is very brave, dont back down 2 anyone..IMUA

  2. krediye ihtiyacım var :( referans linkim : https://t.co/FoEUAO1rYg

  3. @wingoz whatʻs up with the scoreboard, the operator is under the influence

  4. Ben bu site sayesinde beğeni arttırıyorum :=) Not : Bu tweeti yakında istersen silecem silmeden bir bak https://t.co/h0hwPpyxQg

  5. @RealSkipBayless Yes...I thought the same thing too

  6. You took the words right out of my mouth
  7. Yes...Brady always did well without anyone special...no excuses but we need a hard as nails coach who will make this team tougher than a $2 steak...maybe someone like Bill Cowher
  8. They should at least fire Pep... which will a set a fire under Luck and the rest of the offense...hopefully?
  9. RT @FOXSports: Kelly Slater is an 11-time world champion surfer and this explains why!

    via @TheBuzzerOnFOX: https://t.co/jZvD8UHvkR

  10. RT @jimrome: First, Johnny Manziel needed Dr. Drew. Now he may need Dr. Andrews. Next stop, Dr. Phil.

  11. RT @CNCNews_12: Colts to the Super Bowl?

    RT Yes

    FAV No http://t.co/lMsZU6qx5E

  12. RT @KBowenColts: Think Houston had enough of T.Y. Hilton with that selection of a CB? Eagles (20) and Steelers (22) are teams to watch for …

  13. 12dalegend

    NFL draft

    I like a DB at 29, not sure if anyone besides L. Williams is good enough to take at the DL position in the 1st, but if not then best player available will do
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