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  1. Merry Christmas fellow Colts fans and other non Colts fans friends!

    1. southwest1


      I hope Santa was good to ya RTB & you received  much more than a lump of coal in your stocking. 


      Last night on TV, I watched "The Santa Clause" starring Tim Allen. Despite being a PG Disney flick, that movie has some good next level jokes in it. Case in point: 


      "Johnny, naughty. Gary, nice. Veronica, very nice." "In your dreams, sleigh boy."


      "You know, you look pretty good for your age." Thanks, but I'm seeing someone in wrapping."


      If you have never seen the film, a materialistic salesman living in Chicago startles Santa on his roof. The guy in the red suit disappears, his son Charlie encourages his father Scott Calvin [S.C. initials] to put on the suit & deliver presents with the help of Rudolf, & to make a long story short Scott becomes the next Saint Nick via a business card clause in the old Chris Cringle suit. The clause reads as follows: 


      "The Santa Clause: In putting on this suit and entering the sleigh, the wearer waives any and all rights to any previous identity, real or implied, and fully accepts the duties and responsibilities of Santa Claus, in perpetuity until such time that the wearer becomes unable to do so, by either accident or design." 


      Legal jargon like the word perpetuity in a children's picture just strikes me as funny. Not to mention the passive aggressive attitude that Tim Allen's character over the notion of becoming Santa Claus himself & his early resistance to the new gig. 


      In addition, I liked seeing Santa & company get his groove on to ZZ Top's 'Sharp Dressed Man' as he fully embraces his new role & additional weight gain too. 

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