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  1. I'm approaching 6000 posts. I should probably get a life lol

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    2. RockThatBlue


      Thank you Gramz, you're pretty much a legend on here. Truly honored for your kind words!

    3. JPPT1974


      Congrats as when you have 6,000 posts you are a huge legend!

    4. southwest1


      6,000 posts is a H-U-G-E milestone RTB. Toot your horn a little bit man! 


      SW1 enjoys having you around. You're not going anywhere buddy. I wouldn't allow it. haha


      Okay, I can't control you or force you to stay put I know. But, I'd miss you if you left. I mean it.


      You're a good dude & a very talented writer. Maybe I should call you Notorious RTB. Oh yeah.

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