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  1. I can understand he's a bit older and is trying to get a pay check, but after last season I really don't think he's in a position to demand much of anything. Not effective at all at run defense. Pass defense is better but I'm not totally convinced. I want to like the guy, but he just gets washed out in most running plays. I'm not a huge DQ fan, but at least the guy has a nose for the ball and can stop a run play solo. Not to mention our abysmal ability to cover the middle of the field last year partly lies on Freeman (along with the rest of our LB and safety corps). I don't get real into the f
  2. To be fair, Andre has been to quite a few pro bowls. Maybe that's what he meant by "probably". Although he was probably just being PC
  3. I have to admit I don't watch much college football, but based on youtube footage I really like Perryman. He's the type of player I love to watch and is what our team needs, a guy who will drop you as soon as he hits you. He doesn't just jump on a guy and hang on, or go for ankle tackles, he puts his helmet rights on the guy's chest and just explodes through him. I dunno, he just impressed me a lot more than Dawson or McKinney, although it sounds like the other two may be better in coverage (youtube isn't great for finding a player's deficits as it's mostly highlights)
  4. I think Burfict should be suspended for the rest of the season, dead serious. He purposely and blatantly tried to injure two of Carolina's best players on their recently surgerized ankles. What if he had succeeded? Their season would essentially be over. So, I think Burfict's season should be over. IMO this is despicable behavior and Goodell is an absolute joke of a commish for not suspending him for AT LEAST a few games.
  5. I'm seeing the pictures just fine here SCC edit- first post woo!
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