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  1. I want Mixon probably more than any other RB in this draft honestly. Elite combination of size and speed, I think he's likely the best all-around back in the draft. Breaks long runs like Cook due to his even better speed, his 40 time for a guy at his weight is extremely impressive. Fournette has a history of injury problems that will not be helped by his style of play, and neither he nor Cook look as good catching the ball out of the backfield. Not to mention the turnover issues with both Cook and Fournette. For the people who don't want him on the team because of his off field iss
  2. I like McCaffrey. A real gym rat, brings his lunch pail to work type of guy. Reminds me of Peyton Hillis, Danny Woodhead, and Mike Alstott.
  3. I like Thomas a lot, I'm just not sure how he fits in our defense, as BCoop said above. I'm also not sold on Cunningham. Just watch a Reuben Foster video, then watch a ZC video. ZC is NOT a good tackler, every tackle is an arm tackle. He gets in position to make a play, but then just tries to latch on and drag the guy down. Foster arrives at the ball carrier with bad intentions and explodes through him to make the tackle. I think Mixon in the 3rd is smart. Lots of teams probably waiting til the 4th or so to take a pick on a guy with his issues, but if we do the same th
  4. Double post, sorry about that, not sure how to delete
  5. One of the GOAT youtube videos! How is nobody gonna post this?!?! Warning: language is definitely NOT family/workplace friendly
  6. I'm pretty surprised at the number of people here who think Jackson should have just said "no comment" or something similar regarding Joey Bosa. He was asked a question, and he answered it. Not only that, he prefaced his answer with something to the effect of him not knowing all the details of the situation. Do you really want every player to turn into Chuck Pagano and "coach speak" their way out of every question? It reminds me of how politicians answer questions, and it makes the whole interview pointless. D'Qwell answered a question that he was asked, gave his perspective as a 10 year veter
  7. Thanks for posting these! I don't really follow college football, so this is very helpful. And Myles Garrett does look like an absolute beast! I assume he will be long gone by the time we pick, that is if we have a decent year
  8. I have to agree. Would have loved Whitehair in the 2nd to put next to Allen, or even a few other players that were still on the board. Maybe they feel comfortable with who we currently have at guard. Obviously they see something in Green, it just seems like a strange pick considering what was available. As I understand they were pretty excited about landing the guy, hopefully it works out for the best
  9. I don't follow college football that closely, so I'm far from an expert, but from what I've seen Ragland looks like a D'qwell Jackson clone. Great instincts against the run and stuffs attempts up the middle, but lacks the speed to track down outside runs and is a big liability in coverage. I don't really see how anyone could say otherwise when watching the film... And for the record, that play against Henry that everyone is talking about, was actually called PI against Ragland.
  10. Is it really that hard to use punctuation? Your posts are borderline incomprehensible on first read. Each post is just one massive run-on sentence
  11. I don't think fleener's problem is that he's physically not big/strong enough, I think it's that he plays soft. I usually don't like that term, but in his case it's pretty accurate. For as large of a man as he is, he seems afraid of contact. When's the last time you saw fleener run over a defender? Or truck a defender in run blocking? Or even aggressively win a jump ball? (In before someone posts a gif of the rare occasion he may do this type of thing, I'm speaking generally) I dunno, maybe that's why he's healthy and Allen isn't. I think he could have a lot of production if he started playing
  12. Wow, peytonmanning18 sure derailed this thread. I think he needs to spend less time looking at boxscores and more time watching colts football, because he's made himself look foolish several (being kind) times in this thread with poorly formed, inaccurate opinions. Not to mention arguing like a gradeschooler... Anyway, I think Clayton made a mistake in choosing teams to compare us with. Mainly because the panthers, bears, giants, falcons, and saints (they may be an exception, but brees came into new orleans as a veteran) do not have quarterbacks remotely near Luck's level, especially consi
  13. ^ You seem to have forgotten the packers, which is strange considering your avatar Also you have some highly questionable picks there... Falcons at #3? Giants at 4? Cowboys not even listed? I like that you tried to explain your picks, but I very much disagree with your rankings. But hey, that's what this thread is about, right? And I think some people in this thread aren't considering that some of these teams (including us) have made significant changes over the off-season.
  14. Thanks for posting the video, but it's not too hard to catch passes with no pads and nobody guarding you Really looking forward to watching our offense this year
  15. I like your perspective on the situation as a Ravens fan, it does seem silly to be upset about something that happened over 30 years ago. But don't you think the fans who still harbor resentment (or straight up anger) towards the Colts are being extremely hypocritical? Considering that Baltimore basically "stole" a franchise from Cleveland, and they seem to have no problem with that. I'm sure those fans are few and far between now, but it was not that long ago that your scoreboard had the home team labelled as "Ravens" and the away team labelled as "Indy".
  16. esque not "esk" lol And I'm not sure why this board seems ready to give up on TY just because we now have another small, speedy WR. He's the only WR we have that's proven anything on this team. And I'm one of the few that actually liked the Dorsett pick...
  17. That's crazy, a mediocre QB gets paid like that. Shows how important even having a decent QB is nowadays, and how difficult it is to find one.
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