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  1. True. Imagine a Colts four-peat. Belichick and the Patriots would have spent more money than their frugal-discipline system from 2001-2006.
  2. We should have repeated in 2007--and threepeated in 2008. The Colts were up in that game against the Patriots and blew it.
  3. Don't you? Don't you miss the Pats-Colts feuds that would determine whether the Brady-led Patriots or the Manning-led Colts would have AFC home-field in January and literally, a Super Bowl title, since the NFC in the 2000s sucked.
  4. It seems like Andrew Luck is unhappy being the Colts quarterback and seeing the state of the Colts' organization. Should he stay, or should he leave to save his career?
  5. All year, sports pundits and fans say that in 2017 the road to the Minneapolis Super Bowl in the AFC goes through Foxboro and the New England Patriots as has been for three straight years. I don't think so this year. I think the Raiders look like the AFC team to beat; the Patriots' defense did not look good against the Chiefs.
  6. Sean Payton is one of the greatest coaches in Saints history. He lead them to the 2009 Super Bowl championship. Payton could do well with the Colts' defense.
  7. With Luck being out for 2-6 weeks, what happens now? What's the record? Will the Indianapolis Colts even make the playoffs? AFC South title? AFC wildcard spot?
  8. The AFC has been ruled by Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger for the past 14-15 years. They represented the AFC at the Super Bowls of the past. Only the Oakland Raiders (2002) and Baltimore Ravens (2012) broke that hierarchy. Tomorrow, win or lose, the Colts need to show the world that they can lead the AFC in the future, because let's face it, Brady and Manning and Roethlisberger won't be there forever.
  9. i know that it is early, but the Patriots are blowing away with the AFC. The Colts look weak, unimpressive, and with the organizational rumors it doesn't look like they can make it far in the playoffs unless they go on a 2011 New York Giants Cinderella run. The Steelers? Without Roethlisberger, I don't know. The Ravens aren't so well this year. The Bengals, I don't trust them in January. I think that the Broncos can be the only team to be the AFC alternative to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
  10. 20-10 Texans. I'm disappointed in the Colts. Right now I think only the Broncos can beat the Patriots in the AFC.
  11. No. Philbin is not ready for prime time.
  12. Would you want to see Saints coach Sean Payton to be the next coach of the Indianapolis Colts in 2016 if Pagano resigns or is fired?
  13. I think Peyton has 2 years left in him. I think he'll retire in 2017, in my opinion.
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