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  1. I'm an SEC fan and living in Alabama right now and watch Fromm every Saturday. I'll pass on him. Comparison, Trubisky like.... Not much of an upgrade from JB.... Could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time....
  2. I guess you are..... A couple of good QB playing very well these days are are not 6'0 230 pounds.
  3. Not saying as a franchise QB but a 5th 6th round pick value.... to be developed
  4. When Andrew Luck was running it he hardly ever took of with the ball. He had reads on the Lbers if Im not mistaken.
  5. Glad you brought that up. Try telling that to the JB haters.
  6. Haven't seen it at all with JB at the helm. The Luck thing kind of hand cuffed the play calling I guess for JB kind of style ( play action only passing attack) and then again it's past the half way point of the season. Does it take training camp time to practice it. Maybe we will see it next year?
  7. Were is the Read Option....   

  8. I do smell the coffee and I'm drinking some right now, and it's the Wideouts. Last year TY gutted out the season with injuries and still balled out. Now he is hurt, who is the next man up to do what he provides as far as a deep threat?
  9. I also shared your view on Fuller.... and saw this coming
  10. With a Running game the Colts have, play action deep balls or atleast some down the field throws you think should be there. Brissett did have time to throw the ball and yes TY did have two drops. Where was the other WR's..... Some one here did say they wished Fuller wasn't going to play tonight and I felt the same way.... To me WR's need is just as big DB's. Colts run defense is Stout. It's kind of funny now that we are going to have to root for the Patriots to beat the Texans now....
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