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  1. Yes played running back in high school I believe....
  2. The are not going to be able to hide Speed on the practice squad..... so I think he will be taking one of the last year drafted LB's spot.
  3. Some school but he brings some thumping.... He lines up all over the place and he gets where He's going in a hurry...
  4. Going to someone.... https://sports.yahoo.com/colts-getting-calls-34th-overall-220149195.html Colts getting calls about 34th overall pick
  5. I going to bet the farm that we are trading back in the second round. Someone will come calling for their pick.....
  6. Just curious, what makes you thing he is a high risk guy
  7. HA HA Clinton Dix. Signed as a one year probe it deal for 3.5 Mil. I happy for the players receiving these pay days but, I'm kind of glad Ballard is not having none of that. But it makes me wonder how player view coming here knowing that big pay days are far and few for players. Ok you can say the Pats operate the same way but, the big difference is they win Superbowls.
  8. Now we are going to test that thing about building with free agents......
  9. Well is back with his college buddy and receiver coach. He'll like it fine
  10. At this rate of paying these guy, any of the best free agent WR out there will probably be asking more than TY is currently make
  11. I felt is was going to be kind of quite in the early free agent periods for Indy. Teams are throwing some big money at these free agents and I didn't think Chris was having any of that even though we have a lot of cap money to work with. It is still early and I'm so excited about next season just wanting to see us pickup someone that will have me saying yes!!!!! But I can say he knows this business a lot more than me and me and playing arm chair GM is not going to make this team take it to the next level. But, I can dream lol...... So I will just calm down an wait to see what takes place and be find with whom ever we add to this team. Go Colts
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