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  1. About those drops After the Colts littered MetLife Stadium with five or six more dropped passes, Reich admitted the obvious: “It’s been an issue and it’s past the point of, “OK, that was a fluke.’’ Sirianni agreed. Pro Football Focus charted the Colts with 15 drops in the last three games. Some guesstimates are as high as 18. “Everybody’s aware of it,’’ Sirianni said. “Yeah, we all know it’s a problem. We just have to keep coaching the fundamentals. We’re on them about fundamentals. “We’ll just keep throwing the ball to them in practice. They have to go out and do it. They know that. Nobody wants to catch the ball more than the guy who’s got the name on the back of his jersey and the Colt symbol on his helmet.’’ Daily practice requires each receiver to go through an 85-catch circuit. “Just different types of catches,’’ Sirianni said. “Now we’re requiring them to get on that JUGS for a little more. “We all know this is a problem we have to fix. We know it’s an issue. We know as a group – players and coaches – we have to fix it.’’ You can follow Mike Chappell on Twitter at @mchappell51.
  2. Tombstone

    I should be angry right?

    Keep hope alive!!!!!
  3. Tombstone

    Bend But Don't Break

    The Gaints needed a running back and QB. They chose Barkley instead a QB do to the fact the running game would have taken some pressure of of Eli. And Eli helped them to 2 Superbowls. So they went the diplomatic route
  4. Tombstone

    Bend But Don't Break

    Didn't get to watch game today but, Sam Darnold stats tend to make me believe his passing broke the bend in the Colts defense. Im assuming the pass rush was not their today either. Do they ever try to mix the coverage up? Someone on this forum said this is the Colts preseason leading to 2019. I say that statement is offical now for the none believers of that statement and for those who stated that we are in the easy part of the schedule. To ease you guys comfort a little at least your game's are at least watchable compare to my Gaints. You guy have a kick, scratch, and claw type thing going on thier that at least provide hope until you guys shoot yourself in the foot. Hard to recover from that with the several key injuries you guys have
  5. Tombstone

    Erik Flowers

    Hell no..... Im a Gaints fan. I will go with the rookie before him
  6. It is very interesting that some you guys just penciled in Jets Bills and Radiers as 3 win in a row.... I can see maybe winnable but not a guarantee win.
  7. Tombstone

    30 Yards rushing?

    I don't see him to be selfish. He knows the steelers are not goimg to give him a long term contract so why like them put more wear and tear on his body as a running back. He was carrying a big load for them.
  8. Tombstone

    Final Play Call

    If they would have made the first down and went on and won this game it would have been like way to frank.....
  9. Tombstone

    Texans predictions

    I watch the Texans play my Gaints and I hope the Colts are prepared for a lot of blitzing.... I believe this will be the most pressure the colts will see so far
  10. Tombstone

    2018....... The long preseason for 2019

    I am truly getting what the poster is referring to about SS postion. Defense is exciting to was this year. They are much stronger up the middle now and you need that playing the tampa 2 defense and lynch tpye safety would be a solid addition. Throw in another egde rusher that can also play the run. The coners are not getting alot of love but I say some of our sacks were cover sacks. LB's play has been suprisingly decent and it early in the season. Im a fan but Im also a realist. This year is a coming out for next year and beyond. You always want to set the bar high and I get that but at the same time in the process it is what it is. Trending in the right direction....
  11. He had a five yard running momentum before he throw the ball. He better had something on it. But like someone said earlier he was working his way back from the Ground up. The fact that the first two games of the season he miss TY on deep throws is evidence work is still needed. He use to hit those with ease. Hell he didn't throw deep in preason so Im not expecting him to just start chonk it right now.... By Mid seasons is a different stoy
  12. Tombstone

    Luck post game interview

    New England Patriots are the stable of this league with the short passing game but, they also run the ball efficiently also.... They can run it on third and 3 or less sometimes. That would be a passing down for the Colts. I live week to week watching a non moble QB in Eli Maning and that O line. Enough said on that.... BUT they do take there shot down field and they are trying to run the ball. The difference in the two QB's is that Eli is not going to let take a hard shot on him. He will just take the sack or try to get the ball out and throw a pick 6 lol....
  13. Tombstone

    Luck post game interview

    He said something very interesting around the 4 min mark of that interview. When that were in the red zone that last drive he said the defense had no regard for the RUN. This has been a big stable of there problems down there. And then on fourth down they come out in a run looking formation which did not fool the eagles at all. The Colts need to be some what balance in this regard and the good thing is that they have been competitive in all three games to be some what balanced. And then Franks interview he was almost sounding well that for another day.
  14. Tombstone

    Marlon Mack

    I truly wanted Carlos Hyde when he was available.
  15. Tombstone

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I would say if anything the defense has given the Colts a chance to be 3-0