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  1. Tombstone

    Three Stories on the Website Right Now!

    Take it for what it's worth but Chris did say in an interview that pass rushers can be found in the later rounds. Now that being said is not implying that he will not take one with the first pick....
  2. Tombstone

    We Thank Seahawks for Glow...

    This is true.....
  3. Will you be disappointed if this was the case and we go receiver in the first round. He is aware that the Colts fan are looking for a number 2 Wide out and he did say in that interview the fans say that this is a need. This is going to be interesting what happens but in Chris I trust
  4. Tombstone

    We Thank Seahawks for Glow...
  8. Tombstone


    This guy is paying big dividends in the running game. I was watching the highlights of the Cowboys game and he is being asked to wham not only LBs but, lineman also and he is doing a great job of it. Check out the Offensive line play at Stampede Blue and ISO on him and you will see what I mean.....
  9. Tombstone

    We have a shot at the division!

    Ok someone answered for me
  10. Tombstone

    We have a shot at the division!

    A win next next week and a Houston loss which is not out of the question.... Am I correct on this
  11. For your viewing pleasure. I loved the physical play of this line today.
  12. I'm a New Yorker but been down with the Colts for years now. Love what they have going on at the moment!!!
  13. Tombstone

    So Many Putting This Lost On Frank is Hallarious!!!

    I would agree this was not Frank better game coaching and I concede to that but, it appeared his mindset and mine also if we score a TD game, set, and match. The Jags defense knew the had to play lights out because what they had for offense, nothing much.... The Colts defensive performance was lost in the outcome. They gave the offense many opportunities to get that done.
  14. Tombstone

    We will only win one more game this year.

    You hit it on head with the power back sentence. The AFC South has 3 tuff and rumble defenses and the Colts do need a back that dosen't go down so easy....