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  1. I'm a New Yorker but been down with the Colts for years now. Love what they have going on at the moment!!!
  2. Tombstone

    So Many Putting This Lost On Frank is Hallarious!!!

    I would agree this was not Frank better game coaching and I concede to that but, it appeared his mindset and mine also if we score a TD game, set, and match. The Jags defense knew the had to play lights out because what they had for offense, nothing much.... The Colts defensive performance was lost in the outcome. They gave the offense many opportunities to get that done.
  3. Tombstone

    We will only win one more game this year.

    You hit it on head with the power back sentence. The AFC South has 3 tuff and rumble defenses and the Colts do need a back that dosen't go down so easy....
  4. Tombstone

    So Many Putting This Lost On Frank is Hallarious!!!

    How many times this season the offense goes into a funk and then put a couple of drives together and it's all good. Your point is well taken and I don't live in Indy a I watch every Colts game at Buffalo Wild Wings. How this Colts offense has been playing I was sure they would score at least 2 TD's today despite not settling for the two field goals. And I feel the Colts felt so too especially the offense they were facing today...
  5. Tombstone

    So Many Putting This Lost On Frank is Hallarious!!!

    Being critical and putting the blame on someone are two completely different thing And that's cute catching the spelling error. Of course people have the right to be critical but, let me ask you this did you see this can of whip butt the Jags defense brought today coming... I have no problem giving credit where credit is due and I tip my hat of to the Jags today as much as it hurts. And yes the simalirties of the Cowboys Saints are warranted here... Lack of offensive production caused by a defense that played pretty dam good that day.... And I pretty sure no one saw this coming of the Colts not putting up a TD today...
  6. The Colts scored 0 point today, NONE, NOTHING ZERO. Could of had 6 points I mind you but, this is on Frank. BULL@#$%. The JAGS defense just punched the Colts today PERIOD end of story. So I guess the Saints lost to the Cowboys on prime time TV was Seaun Peytons fault too..... and he's not a first year head coach and has been with his QB and team a long time.... The Cowboys defense didn't have anything to do with that just like the Jags defense didn't have anything to do with this lost... Laughable
  7. Tombstone

    Credit To The Jags Defense Today/Humbled (merge)

    You are totally correct, unprofessional to say the least but that's my point. From play one they were jaw jacking. Remember the throw to Ebron and he was short of the first down and the safety or corner was in Ebron face and drew that flag, they showed the coach reaction and he didn't chew the player out for that like I thought he was. Tone sitting is what I call it.... In the Hood it's called something else which I don't want to get any on this forum but I think you get the point....
  8. No excuses, No the Colts should have done this, done that, the Refs with bad calls, bad play calling, injuries or whatever some might want to come up with. Jags defensive was lights out to day and I'm just the kind of man that gives credit where credit is due.... From the first snap to the last they were bring it today and I felt they would but, Dam!!! Not like this. What the Cowboys did to Brees and Jags did to Luck I guess the Defense win championships is not totally dead yet in today's football.
  9. Tombstone

    Colts @ Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Ravens just won their game...
  10. With the recent Colts run of this win streak, they are not the hunters anymore but now the hunted.... Its not like teams are thinking we have the Colts this week we can count this week as a win like last year. Two division game with teams looking for revenge and it not like yesteryear when we owned the division. A Cowboys team which has a little juice of late. It's going to be interesting that's for sure. Don't see Colts running the table but, with 3 more wins playoffs are in reach. Young team with key road games, we shall see what they are made of. Looking forward to this.....
  12. Tombstone

    Ryan Kelly

    I didn't see the play when he got hurt but for me I hoping he doesn't try to rush back if not healthy enough. I know a playoff spot is on the horizon and with a win against Miami things will be looking very interesting.... But we are witnessing what Kelly is when healthy and would not want to see him make the injury worse.
  13. Tombstone

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    I will add a 3rd thing he does better, brake tackles. Hopefully Mack will get stronger and do the same
  14. Tombstone

    TY The Slot Receiver

    I'm not trying to say TY is not a number one WR but, a lot of his big yardage receptions have come from the slot position and if it's not broke why fix it. I hoping this will be a main fixture for him until another WR is brought in to compliment him. Let Inman for not be to no. 1 and Rogers or who ever be no.2 when the are in the 3 WR set.....