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  1. When I look at the news all I see is sadness, sickness, and complete and utter stupidity. I think I might sign up for the first flight to Mars.

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    2. chad72


      Don't watch the news. They don't just report news anymore, it always comes with a slant. Besides, 99% of the city might be fine but the 1% of chaos and doom and gloom is what they choose to report on. Be your own filter :).

    3. Dr. Guildo

      Dr. Guildo

      The problem is I try to avoid tv at all cost with the exception of sports... but sometimes while flipping through the channels on the tv and/or radio you can't help, but catch something like yesterday. I happened to hear one guy on the radio try to blame the recent events on rap music and bad tv. Then I think Wolf Blitzer of CNN tried to blame it all on the internet. There is madness all around.

    4. southwest1


      Nice Carlin quote there Gramz. I needed that laugh. Thank you.

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