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  1. Man I dont want to get into it like that. I feel like we won in spite of pagano not because of him. He just looked clueless, the team always came out flat, inexplicable decisions at times, no accountability to players... I mean like I said he seems like a good person so I don't want to sit here and bash him but in my objective opinion he is not qualified to be an NFL head coach.
  2. Look, this time of year being hot is very important. We are red hot and peaking at the exact right moment, KC peaked early and is a glass cannon style roster. Those usually don't do so well in the playoffs. I'm not saying we are gonna blow them out or that it's a sure thing but it's not crazy to think we can pull this off, plus KC in the playoffs lol.
  3. O man. I can say Pagano had absolutely no business being an NFL head coach. I'm usually on the other side of arguments like this, thinking generally if you make it to that NFL you're pretty damn good at whatever you do. Pagano is an exception to that. He was just so over his head and clueless. Maybe as a DC he will be ok, but I hope for their sake he's not calling the plays lol.
  4. Ya... I'm sure players will be dropping passes and missing blocks because they just can't stop thinking about this tweet...
  5. Honestly? I think we punch KC in the mouth and Mahomes has a rough first playoff game. They are not the unstoppable monster some seem to think they are (try reading their obnoxious fans and writers predicting the game). They have a flashy offense that peaked early and no defense save a few pass rushers. I just see us rocking their little fantasy world in which they are this supreme team in the road to a championship.... because in the real world we are the red hot giants or ravens or packers coming in on a tear peaking at the right time. Anyway, 34-21 Colts.
  6. Give her your cell phone and uber password. They grow up so fast...
  7. Absolutely. How insane is that lol.
  8. Secondary/ lack of pass rush tied. Go hand in hand, if we dont get pressure that secondary is not holding up.
  9. I don't think there is any doubt about our run D. Pass D could still get exposed but when it comes to stopping the run we are impressive. We played some of the best backs in the game, Zeke, Barkley, Henry twice, probably missing one, and never gave up a 100 yard rusher. That's crazy. Close to his nickname. Got 1/2 words right.
  10. I can see it both ways. Against the Texans up 21 it is probably a bad idea to throw 50-50 balls on third down or go for it on 4th and 1 etc. There are some things you need to tone down, especially when playing an incredibly opportunistic defense. I felt the only way the Texans would stay in that game was if we threw a pick six or if watt or Clowney got a strip sack, etc. So against them? Probably a good idea to get a least a little conservative. Against the Cheifs? I'm more comfortable going for their throats if we get up because they do not scare me as much defensively.
  11. No man I was at the game, and idk of you have ever been to NRG Stadium but there is this beam of light that shines on the field from the windows... hit Desirs helmet and totally blinded me. Glaring.
  12. One random thing for me I want to see, catch the gifts the opposing QB throws us. I swear we dropped like 3 interceptions against Houston. One glaring one was when an errant pass hit desir in the chest/hands in Houstons own red zone lol. This is a game where we will need to make plays like this.
  13. If that was the only variable and we played the same team with the same roster for all these games, still wouldn't buy it. Let's see who the teams were we played for each group, see where in the season these games fell, and see the health of the Oline for each. Because those are more important than indoor outdoor lol.
  14. First playoff game could mean a lot. I mean D. Watson looked like absolute garbage against us and it was his first playoff game. Wouldn't be the first time a rookie gets a bit rattled by his first dose of playoff football.
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