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  1. 23 hours ago, ColtsSouljah said:


    Agreed! I own all three styles (game, limited, and elite) and they all do that. I much prefer reebok's template for jerseys.

    I am curious to see if these new vapor untouchable limited jerseys fit better but I won't be buying one unless its a Colts one :)




    I actually bought one of the Colts color rush limiteds, they fit just like a regular t shirt. Honestly I thought it was one of the most comfortable jerseys I've had 

  2. Watched the highlight tape of him vs Ole Miss from this past season, it is immediately evident that the coverage skills are lacking, but he definitely is a big hitter and he seems like he's around the ball trying to make a play every single down. Some good coaching and he could be pretty decent.


    video in case anyone wanted to see it: 


  3. The classic look is nice, but I kind of feel like it's not as great of a thing as it used. After being an Oklahoma State fan for a while I've seen classic go and all out Nike overhaul come in. They run with a different uni combo every week, and it is actually cool in a way that it adds another small amount of anticipation to watch the game. I'm not saying the Colts should do that, because they shouldn't, but something new could be nice.

  4. Hard to have a rivalry if they arent in the same conference...only one 'regular' meeting every 4 years..

    ...How come Joe Flacco vs. Ben isn't a rivalry?

    I know it isnt but how come?

    Most Pittsburgh and Baltimore games tend to be a defensive battle. Or at least the defenses tend to get more of the headlines than Ben or flacco.
  5. In 5 years....there wont be a QB rivalry worth noting more than during game week

    Andrew Luck vs. who?

    Only real rivalry I can see is Luck v. Wilson. Although, right now it's more of a stats argument among fans than a rivalry since they've only played each other once.
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