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  1. SanDiegoColt8

    Top 10 Current Colts

    Andrew Luck Adam Vinateri TY Hilton Ryan Kelly Jacoby Brissett Jack Doyle Anthony Castanzo Malik Hooker Sheard Rigoberto Sanchez
  2. SanDiegoColt8

    The Colts running game

    I hope you guys are right, I think we have one of the weakest backfields in the league.
  3. SanDiegoColt8

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Tbh its You're*** TBH........ tbh
  4. SanDiegoColt8

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Both rookie RBs Both rookie WRs Woods Farley
  5. SanDiegoColt8

    Colts draft Ole Miss RB Jordan Wilkins [Merge]

    No, I was being sarcastic. Apparently you can only praise Ballard on this forum. Hes the GOAT GM.
  6. SanDiegoColt8

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

  7. SanDiegoColt8

    Colts draft Ole Miss RB Jordan Wilkins [Merge]

    Love this pick, I mean RB is a big need and waiting until the later rounds has worked out so well in the past. You cant go wrong with a 5'8 wannabe Sproles and this guy. Yay Ballard Yayyyyyyyyyy.
  8. SanDiegoColt8

    What a great start to the draft!!

    I'm excited about Nelson!
  9. I care DB. So thats what matters.
  10. I despise people named James sooo.... I guess we are even?
  11. Good job Chris Grigson. In all seriousness, I HATE both picks.
  12. SanDiegoColt8

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Wow, what a waste. Very disappointing
  13. SanDiegoColt8

    2018 NFL Draft Thread