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  1. I might go, still undecided and it depends on Luck.
  2. Not looking forward to watching Jacoby behind center.
  3. Finch23

    TC day 11

    Nothing team related for Danely news
  4. Addai was great in pass pro, but as an overall RB give me MJD anyday. Mack is a little low, but overall hes still in the 15-20 range IMO. If healthy he definitely moves up though.
  5. Nelson Leonard Smith Hooker Mack
  6. Your posts are 2005 level emo. I have an overwhelming urge to bust out some My Chemical Romance and wear guyliner while reading them.
  7. Receiving TDs Ebron 10 TY 8 Funchess 7 Mack 4 Campbell 4 Doyle 3 Cain 3 Hines 3 Ware 2 Pascal/Rogers 1 45 TDs 14 Int Andrew Luck MVP and supreme ruler of the world.
  8. Overall im content with the draft so far. Were there players that I wanted instead? Yes, but the haul definitely has potential. Im not sure we got a day 1 impact player though.
  9. Id be ok with any WR not named DK. AJ, Deebo, Ridley (in the 3rd?), Campbell, Isabella, JJAW, Butler...
  10. Get 46 and a 2020 2nd. Not bad, i wasnt excited with the remaining players left anyway.
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