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  1. Andre Johnson- $5 million keep Trent Cole- $6.1 million cut D'Qwell Jackson- $5.25 million cut Arthur Jones- $2.3 million keep Robert Mathis- $5 million keep Kendall Langford- $3.5 million keep Erik Walden- $4 million keep Bjoern Werner- $1.48 million keep Nate Irving- $2 million keep Werner 2014 2 year 50 T 37-13 4 Sack (Walden 2014) 37 T 25-12 6 Sack Newsome 2 year 19 T 10- 9 1 Sack Werner Stats 2014 ok...DC and linebacker coach problem,i think..look Newsome 2015 I hope for this two young guys, the new DC / LB Coach make a better job.
  2. i think,the defense last year were better.....mutch better then this year. sack stats are not all.....in def,pressure....tackles usw....
  3. Hm,i hope Werner play more...stats last game...OLB Werner 3 Solo Tackle - 0 A... Newsome 1-1 and the next ? I think...last year - Werners stats ok.
  4. every time the same....tackling stats last year olb.....
  5. superman, you are not a moderator, you are a cheap hater ...look the tackle stats last year ....not the best olb pass rusher,right, but the best olb tackler.
  6. Superman .... Werner continues to do nothing. Take him off the field .. .nothing - its better then Luck... Tell me what Newsome do...the same garbage
  7. all pass rushers from indianapolis are why ? But the def stand....with this
  8. superman Community Moderator or Werner hater of the year :-) ? garbage
  9. I hope Werner play next game .... more pass rush and stop the run......
  10. Björn Werner hater online :-) look the stats preseason...Walden two sacks , other OLB ? the wonderful Newsome ?...Cole?
  11. Last year, Mathis injury makes Werner to be a starter.... this year, learning the next position....
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