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  1. He did mention him, he started his speech about his first game with him and mentioned about Marvins HOF induction.
  2. The question we want to know the answer too is who's making the decisions now, because he was a bad pick for our scheme being a DE in college he was going to find it hard to adjust.
  3. Long shot but I'd imagine beat Patriots at New England in AFC championship game then win the Super Bowl And then still probably fire Grigson!!
  4. Lucks first year was worse didn't we have 16 players on IR that year??
  5. Looked hurt during the press conference, breathing like a dying dog. I hope all is well soon!
  6. I said weeks ago in a Griff Whalen thread he could used like a Edelman, Welker or an Austin Collie given more playing time and the right system, and took loads of crap for it lol fingers crossed the coaching staff utilises him the correct way.
  7. It's 1am where I am, and I'm at work in 4 hours but still worth it!
  8. Judging by some of those dealings to date that's like asking for a desk and being given a lamp lol
  9. This could be the day where the horse is taken out the back and shot. Bye bye pagano!
  10. Give your head a shake lol. Luck didn't lose us the game horsecrap play calling and decision making did. We stopped running the ball and went back to what gets Andrew killed. #greatcoschingnot!!
  11. That's why he'll be in Arizona in a couple of years sadly, the guy carries us she the front office couldn't help him out!
  12. Not surprised with this 2nd half offensive performance it's as if they through the game plan in the bin at half time.
  13. yea that's the one good find Peyton just made receivers look great! Yea he did make some good grabs.
  14. Didn't he make a diving one handed in a game?? Or did I imagine that?
  15. To play that long and win super bowls I saw some greatness in him.
  16. I apologise because Stokley was great a player!
  17. Given the chance I think he could be a Welker or Edelman type of guy for a team, you've got to work out the way to use his skill set correctly he's dependable I would like us to use him the way Austin Collie was use lets just not kill him!
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