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  1. I'll be going to the Titans game in November with my grandpa, it'll be his first time at Lucas Oil. I picked that game because i wanted to see the 10 year super bowl reunion, honestly I'm surprised more people didn't pick that game for that reason alone.
  2. Can you really get mad at the guy? I mean we did let him go, but this could be his last year. He's gotta do what he thinks is best for him, and I can't blame him for that.
  3. I certainly look real manly running away at the first sight of a wasp, I try to play it off by pimp walking back when it flies away.
  4. I ain't afraid of anything! ... except wasps
  5. Now for the love of god will people stop bringing him up in every thread?
  6. I love white shoes and the stripped socks, I liked the blue facemasks too. The blue pants.... not so much.
  7. Is there a "god of the colts forum" that I could use in his place?
  8. MTNVG

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  9. After last year its slightly concerning to see Toler with a groin injury, hopefully he's 100% for Sunday.
  10. I remember the announcers saying that Pagano was trying to convince Reggie to re-sign saying "I can't do it without you".
  11. We've had 3 years with this coaching staff, yet it still seems like we have the same issues from when they came in. Can't run the ball, and can't stop the run.
  12. Is it me or do Seattle's uniforms always look so dingy during their away games?
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