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  1. I was waiting for the first overreaction, particularly to the 2nd coming of Christ part...like I said, I love him, I'm glad we have him, but just look to the best player in football thread for the "nanny nanny boo boo, everyone except me said it was wrong to take an OG 6th" posts. Me personally I'll admit it, not knowing we would get Leonard in the 2nd, I probably would have taken Roquan Smith, with Nelson as option B, and I would have been wrong. I just like to poke fun
  2. To be very clear about this, I love Nelson, I'm not gonna say I threw a parade over the pick, but I was fine with it, he's obviously been great, and I now have a dog named Quenton but... It's gonna be kind of fun to see all of those who think he's the second coming of Christ react to the comment about Cam Heyward whooping up on him
  3. Ok, let's not get crazy here...I know we're in the height of optimism season (Taylor and Mack will rush for 1500 yards each, Pittman will catch 15 TD's, etc) and I know we're all supposed to hate Luck for leaving when he did, but come on... Rivers will be fine, that's what he's always been, but his career stats are based on longevity and durability. I'm not saying that's not impressive, but at his best, he's about the level of average Andrew. No Andrew wasn't Peyton but how spoiled does a fanbase have to be to think they're going to walk out and trip over another Peyton freaking Manning? If Luck said he just wanted to come back for one more year and that was it, I'd dump Rivers in a heartbeat, let alone if he wanted to continue his career in full...and so would Reich and Ballard
  4. The list hasn't really bothered me so far based on the criteria he brings up with every unveiling...the ability to push the ball down the field. Always talking about these QB's taking the 6 yard completion when there's a 30 yard option down the field...He even said Derek Carr would be a better QB if he was completing 66-67% instead of 72-73% if it meant he was taking some chances. I do agree with whoever said Brady and Brees may end up making this list look foolish if for no other reason because the offenses around them are so loaded So for this list, Rivers is about in the right spot. We have to be a little realistic about arm strength. He's always had that weird shot put delivery that hasn't particularly aged well. Don't get me wrong, I think he can be very smart, very accurate, and ultimately successful, but I'm not expecting a lot of completions where the ball travels 50 yards in the air
  5. I can't say I'm super insulted by the idea that we'll be worse...My guess is we'll be much better in TOP so our ranking might be better, but... I think we'll hold up pretty well against the run, have a decent pass rush, and in Eberflus I trust, but unless Rhodes shows up to camp in a time machine from 2016, there's no part of the secondary i feel good about. I'm not saying it'll be bad necessarily, but everyone has a lot to prove
  6. Oh sweet! Clowney wants to come here for $12 million on one year. That's great news! After all, we don't have to release anybody to make that happen given we have close to $25 million in cap room. Your best argument would be what we could save in rollover room next year
  7. Dear God, where to begin? I'm not going to bet against Rivers playing every game, but having a solid backup for a 38 year old statue isn't the worst idea The big one to me is thinking that releasing him means no cap hit whatsoever and everything he costs us currently goes straight to our cap room I have to add i'm curious who the playmaker in the worst free agent class in recent memory (outside of QB) was sitting on his couch saying "Damn i wanna play for the Colts this year if only they had more cap space" And the Patriots screwing us over? Other than beating us every time we play, that's a stretch...Mcdaniels did us the biggest favor ever, Reich is 10 times the coach he'll ever be...Vinny, despite a down year has been a staple of the team for over 10 years...Brissett, a below average starter, above average backup to be sure, but we got him for Philip Dorsett...big loss there
  8. I don't know, outside of those butthurt we don't have any prime time games, you have to search pretty far into excuses to complain about our schedule this year... We play the NFC North...Packers and Vikings at home, Bears and Lions on the road, doesn't get much better than that We play the AFC North...Ravens and Bengals at home, Steelers and Browns on the road...sure I'd trade the Bengals for one of those other teams but we can't have everything We play the other AFC 3rd place teams...home against Jets and at Raiders...i guess i'd flip flop them, but really flip a coin on that one Plus outside of the Vikings (who lost Diggs and half their defense), it starts off really weak and lets us possibly get some momentum going into our bye, which is nicely placed close to the middle of the season
  9. I don't get why people get all upset over prime time games...They want ratings, which means story, drama, or at least a decent market and we have none of those...What's our biggest story? Philip Rivers? Did the Chargers dominate prime time during his tenure? I think we'll improve this year, but let's face it guys, we're a 7-9 team in a crappy market with no story to sell. I'm not trying to say I don't love the Colts but from a national perspective that's just how we're seen right now
  10. Taylor may turn out to be a star for us, I certainly hope so. I don't really doubt the player, just the pick. I didn't like the pick because it's so easy to replace RB's on a dime, so if Mack's impending free agency played even a small part in the decision, I like it even less...What's next? Our punter is up for free agency next year, better draft one to groom?
  11. It's all a gamble on Rivers...if we're 6-2 and Rivers sprains an ankle, I want Brissett there to get us through a couple games...If Rivers tears an ACL in week 1, I'd just as soon throw Eason out there and see how he improves over a season...Either he sucks, and we get a high pick that could become Trevor Lawrence, or he shows promise...my only hope is he gets enough practice reps either way
  12. I'm a little torn on this one...If we can handle the salary, then absolutely come game time i want him backing up Rivers...He's not a good starting QB but he is a top 5 backup QB. On the other hand, come practice time, does that mean Eason is getting like 5 reps with the 3rd stringers at the end of practice? I'm not really an Eason fan or an Eason hater, but if we're gonna develop him, develop him
  13. We need probably multiple corners, at least 1 safety, another edge rusher wouldn't hurt, some OL, a TE, probably another WR along with Pittman, but RB was the way to go...can't ever find a good RB outside the 1st 2 rounds
  14. Call me when Wisconsin actually sends talent to the NFL, rather than just hype, especially at the RB position (cue the non-stop JJ Watt replies)
  15. This will be an extremely unpopular opinion given the instant gratification needs of fans, but given the unorthodox pre-draft process, the relative lack of overall talent compared to other years, and the uncertainty that a game will even be played this year, i almost hope we go rogue and trade any and all 2020 draft capital for 2021 capital. A perfect draft and we still can't sniff the Chiefs or Ravens next year, so i'm rooting for maybe 1 WR and 13-14 picks in 2021 (counting our own)
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