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  1. jlid

    Let's not forget

    I'm sorry to tell you, but the fans that want to throw crazy money at free agents during the time that above average players are getting paid like elite players are the ignorant naive ones... To sell a free agent, you're using money, location, playing time, chance to win...With top level free agents, i think we can agree playing time is a wash across all franchises...I love Indy personally, but selling a free agent on living here as opposed to say Florida isn't exactly easy So let's isolate the Norwell signing...Our pitch is "come to a team that went 4-12 last year instead of a team that went the AFC Championship game last year. The weather and the night life sucks compared to other NFL cities, but that's ok, because we have a QB that hasn't thrown a football in over a year. And sure we have a state income tax,(how's that for being a homer?) Bottom line, to get Norwell at equal money, we have to pay 15-16 million a year for a non-premium position to a player that's had exactly one above average season...And that's if we get him to ignore all the other factors...
  2. If we can all accept that if EVERYTHING breaks right for us next year (solid free agent signings, good draft, good health) then 10-6 and a blowout loss to the Pats or Steelers in the divisional round next year is our ceiling (i know nobody will accept that, but it's true), then the Bills 1st round pick NEXT year should be our primary goal in a trade... I'd take 21, one of their 2nd's and their 3rd with their 1st next year in a heartbeat...anything on top is just gravy. Think about it, they've gotta trot either Nathan Peterman or a rookie QB out there with a depleted roster next year, and bam, we're right back in the top 5 next year with our own pick to boot...But nobody wants to think of this rebuild as a multi-year project, so we keep hearing things like "can't trade back farther than 6, we need an elite player" or "we have to get their first 5 picks in this deep (???) draft" Now if they sign an A.J. McCarron or Sam Bradford or some decent bridge option, my opinion might change, but i'm looking at teams that allow us to add quantity more than quality this year, and quality more than quantity next year. But high picks in 2019 need to be part of any package in my opinion, even at the expense of an extra pick or 2 this year
  3. He would have to pass a physical for a trade to go through, so i only see 2 possible outcomes...he's healthy, in which case we wouldn't take 10 first round picks for him...or he's damaged goods, in which case a team wouldn't give up 10 dollars for him...There's no reason for the words "Andrew Luck" and "trade" to ever appear in the same sentence by a competent human being ever again