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  1. I'd love to have him, but we wouldn't have a draft class at all if we get him...We'd have to sell 3 farms, 2 mansions, and probably a 100 foot long yacht
  2. Buckner not getting in is crazy...Hell, the game he missed should have earned him DPOY votes for how awful we looked As for Specs, I love the job he's done to take over for AV, and I think he has Pro Bowls in his future, but honestly I'd take Justin Tucker with 2 torn hamstrings and a broken foot over anybody that's ever kicked a ball. The goalposts could be 2 feet wide and it wouldn't change his career percentage too much.
  3. Honestly in a year where home field doesn't mean what it usually does, the 7 seed is good enough for me...anything more is just gravy
  4. I definitely would've taken the points in that situation, but overall I like Reich's 4th down aggressiveness...that said, I'd rather have some 12 year old playing Madden call the actual play. It's not just us, I'd love to see a league wide stat of how often running between the tackles works on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1, especially out of shotgun...it can't be better than 20%
  5. I won't go as far as noodle arm, but let's face it...at no point in his career has Rivers had a top 10 rifle on his right shoulder...He's certainly our best chance to win, and he still fires it up the seam pretty good, but I'll admit I cringe and almost cover my eyes when he throws outside the numbers...Lofting the ball 40 yards down field on a quick stop and go, maybe, but a 12 yard out route scares the hell out of me
  6. I've only been a Colts fan since the early to mid 1990's, so maybe some of the older fans can help me, but it seems no matter the regime we have this weird spirit hanging over us forcing us to get off to a slow start every game, so I'm fine with Reich
  7. It's funny...reading through this whole thread, nobody brought up Winston until your message...I was about to post that he's who I wanted to thunderous ridicule...To me, he represents hope if he'd learn discipline with a new coaching staff...If not, we bottom out and look to the draft. I prefer both of those to a 8-8, 9-7 stopgap year
  8. For me, Reich earned a lifetime contract in his first year when he went for the win over the tie in overtime against the Texans, which failed and we lost...20 years of elite QB play watching us pooch punt on 4th and 1 from the opponent's 39, pulling starters once we had a bye and coming out flat in the playoffs, basically coaching scared got a little old to me...I know Doug Pederson's star isn't high right now, but he had the best quote I've ever heard about football..."Playing not to lose is a good way to go 8-8" I think we're an exceptionally well run franchise, which actually ki
  9. Well of course you would...Reich is part of a grand conspiracy to keep Chad Kelly down, and I think he's doing something with Area 51 too
  10. I can think of a lot of coaches worse than him...Let's see...Jim Mora, Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell, Chuck Pagano...20 years of great QB play wasted by playing not to lose. Yes Dungy is a great guy and won a Super Bowl, but didn't you get a little sick of pooch punting from the opponent's 39 on 4th and an inch with Peyton freaking Manning on the team?
  11. I didn't want Love, so I'm glad we didn't trade up for him, but I have a feeling we either tried, or spread false rumors that we were going to try. The Packers leapfrogged the Seahawks and Ravens to take him, and he wasn't going there...And GM's seem to have a lot more information than we ever know about other team's targets. It's the same reason we traded up 3 spots for Taylor (though that one is more cut and dry because there was a decent chance Jax was gonna take him). And we were the only team anywhere near that range that made sense to fear. Again, whether it was true or not, I'd bet t
  12. JB is clearly not worth his contract, or more importantly cap number. I understand why Ballard did that deal, but it is the biggest black mark on his record...But people act like we get all that money available just by cutting him. That's not how the cap works, we get minimal cap relief if any by letting him go. I've said it before, if Rivers heaven forbid suffers a season ending injury or opts out, I don't want to roll the entire season with Brissett. But if he rolls an ankle midway through the season or tests positive for Covid and has to quarantine for a couple weeks, it's nice to have
  13. The season is a total crapshoot, both in terms of opt outs and who might face difficulties with covid down the road. Let's face it, baseball is the bellwether here since they're actually traveling as the NFL plans to do, and they couldn't make it through their first weekend without an outbreak and cancelled (sorry "postponed") games. I want to see a full season as much as anyone but the tea leaves aren't pointing that way... That said, if the season does come to conclusion, and we happen to be the lucky team that stays safe and healthy, and even win it all, there's no need to wor
  14. I don't know enough about Eason to love him or hate him, but dear God, I hope we cut the cord on Kelly, just for the health of the message board. The dude couldn't get a sniff over a hobbled Brissett and a horrible Brian Hoyer last year. I just fear that 10 years from now as he enters his 14th season, there will still be people on this board saying "Guys, I think this is the year that Chad breaks through and wins that backup role"
  15. It's kind of how you interpret the question...If you're talking about who's under the most pressure to maximize team success, it's easily Rivers and Buckner. Each was brought in to stabilize their own side of the ball, and the only ones with enough talent to make a significant difference in such a way... If the question is who's under the most pressure from an individual standpoint, I think Rivers and Buckner are fine...Buckner has his contract, and Rivers can't do anything for his legacy but win a Super Bowl and I just don't think we're quite at that level...I think we're a good
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