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  1. I only get irritated when the 1st and 2nd rounders don't pan out.....maybe the 3rd somewhat. 4th through the UDFA's are projects/camp bodies so my expectations aren't real high. If we hit on 25% I'd be pleasantly surprised.
  2. I would be very happy trading back to a couple of low ranked 1st round pics and/or multiple 2nd rounders for the 6th. With a complete rebuild we have many holes to fill and I'd rather have multiple "good" players rather than one great player......it's a whole team effort. "A study conducted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute says there's more value for second-round draft picks than first-rounders. The analysis of the past 13 seasons shows that second-rounders provide 70 percent of the production of first-round picks but at just 40 percent of the salary. "That's a significant value and it tells me that general managers should give more value to second- and third-round picks," PS....that was from an ESPN article from 2013.
  3. I seem to recall that you said "If Chubb Nelson or Barkley are there at 6 there's 0% chance we trade down"
  4. I thought I read somewhere he was throwing heavier balls as part of his therapy a few weeks back.
  5. Mehh....group consensus and a general feeling from Ballard is taking OL or RB at the top of the draft isn't really a thing for us. Adequate candidates available thru the 2nd. And it's looking more and more likely Chubb will be drafted before us. Add to that the number of holes we have to fill and the lack of free agency action it appears we're looking for quantity a little more than quality. Just my opinion.
  6. I don't really see it.....I think there will be a run on QB's which will push some of the top 10 talent down the list. I could see us doing a draft night trade to 10-12 and picking up Denzel Ward, Minkah Fitzpatrick or Roquan Smith,
  7. After Werner, Richardson and Dorsett I'd be content with at least the first rounder being a hit.....anything else would be gravy.
  8. Honestly I don't even care if we lose our next game with the Rats as long as we do severe damage...
  9. We need to absolutely destroy the Pats the next time we play...an all out assault from all other teams as well. Make their freakin lives miserable and destroy any chances he gets offered another HC job. ....I'm so mad I yelled at my dog then I had to go apologize and give him a cookie.
  10. I would love to sit back and watch the Pats boards.....it's going to be an f'n troll fest!!!
  11. Trade back with Arizona for their 15th. Pick up their 1st, 2nd, 4th and 2019 1st. Draft Mike McGlinchey, (OT, Notre Dame) who Walter Sports has ranked as the 17th best in the draft and the highest O-lineman. The pundits have said that having Andrew behind center is worth at least 7 points a game. That would have given us 10 wins last season putting us in the playoffs...even with our cruddy D as-is. Can you say that about any one player/position on the team. Protecting our QB should be our #1 priority.
  12. If the Colts we're to trade out of the top 10 it sounds like the group consensus is that there are no worthwhile candidates there....seems kind of silly to me. With as many holes as we have, wouldn't it be reasonable to draft several good players instead of one great player and a bunch of average players later in the draft? Walter Football has Roquan Smith, (LB, Georgia) at 13, Courtland Sutton, (WR, SMU) at 15 and Mike McGlinchey, (OT, Notre Dame) at 17 and he's highest ranked OT in the draft and these positions were all identified as areas of need.
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