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  1. Coltsince4, it ain't happening. The Colts will take Luck. Irsay, would love the media firestorm but in the end it is Luck. Luck knows it, Irsay knows it, Kravitz knows it and soon in a week or so the world will know it. Personally, I want RG3, but Luck is the safer pick, as far as QB expected league longevity.
  2. enjoying the weather!

  3. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    These were Edgerrin James game used and Marlin jackson game used.
  4. I ain't afraid of stupidstitions...lol are you?

    1. MAC


      Happy Birthday Maureen!

    2. Coltssouth


      Happy Birthday Maureen! Hope you had a great one!

    3. Nadine


      thanks all for the bday wishes. It was an awesome day that started with me going into my office and finding a 'garden crane' with a big bow stuck to his head. (I love garden art), made me smile all day! I'm pretty sure cranes are good luck

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  5. let's get this forum rockin!!!!!!!!!

    1. ColtsPRIDE11


      haha, I heard music in my head as I read this :) The party has started, lol!
    2. Nadine


      It will now that you're here masked man!

  6. Lol @ Maureen: Me? Cause problems? (Insert Eddie Murphy laugh here) No way! I would have a real problem with that. @ColtsPRIDE11: Yep the Hybrid 3/4 4/3 will be exciting to watch especially with our Freeney/Mathis options. Luck should get lots of field time to score unlike our past football savior Manning had. Imagine Manning with an aggressive defense and additional possessions...I expect that to be Luck's situation. Luck will have more possessions than Linda Blair in the "Excorcist." @Colts8718: Hello Mike and yes I do remember you well. My job to keep everyone on their toes with wonder...(
  7. Thanks for the correction, Coltman51, I do now recall the Redskins will have that pick due to their wheelin' & dealin' with the Rams. @Urusai: yeah a lottery system is great when it comes to winning money but may leave a little to be desired when it comes to draft pick order, eh? Glad we are in front this time. @shecolt: Thank you for the compliment, I am glad to be here and have a place to blog as well.
  8. .....And with the first pick of the 2012 Draft, the Indianapolis Colts choose Andrew Luck! Luck ..Luck... Luck..... (echo trail off) I cannot wait to hear those words uttered and then for the day the Andrew Luck actually runs out for the first game and takes his position behind the center for the Colts. Oh, pardon me I apologize for my provocative title to mislead you into thinking that I wish bad luck on our team. I would never wish that or want it. I just wanted you to stop and read the blog. Maybe, It was over the top but you must really get to know me better since this is my first blog on
  9. If it quacks like a duck....it is Luck!
  10. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    PacerMan cape!
  11. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    Maybe I can even add Andrew Luck on here one day as the next generation?
  12. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas, Jim Harbaugh and Marvin Harrison.
  13. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    Not sure which game but they have third party authentication (psa/dna) so they are the real deal.
  14. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    I have about 22 signatures on it....winning year!
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