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  1. A good friend of mine has allowed me to share this picture of her Colts locker! I love it!
  2. So happy I can burst!!!(but colts blue blood would be everywhere so I better contain it!:)

    1. Nadine
    2. shecolt


      Your happiness makes me smile. :)

    3. southwest1


      Gotta admire devotion to the BLUE Horseshoe. :)

  3. Marvinlous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. He will go down every down type of back??? Is that what they mean?
  5. Next upcoming blog teaser: "Broken Colts"- The Dallas- Brackett- Addai Chronicles.

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    2. MIColtsFan


      I'll be interested to see what you dig up...been so quite. I know Bullitt was outright cut March 13th, but Addai was released and getting looks from the Broncos late March is was reported, then what? not a peep regarding Clark since release either.

    3. Coltman51


      Bullitt didn't play long but was great IMO, a great replacement for Sanders, ufortunately plagues with injury like Sanders as well

    4. BrentMc11


      Coltman51: A safety with chronic shoulder problems is like a pitcher with elbow tendonitis. It never completely goes away!!

  6. Looking for new friends!!!!!!!!! Join me!!!!

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    2. BrentMc11


      I added you jaggededge!

    3. southwest1


      Welcome aboard jaggededge!!! You remind me of a superhero with that Colts cape in your profile picture. Either that, or the mesmerizing presence of Star Wars Darth Vader when I first saw him on the motion picture screen at age 12. Very Cool Indeed!!!

    4. shecolt


      I'm not new, but I love friends. :)

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