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  1. Season 2013!

    1. Coltsince4


      It's about time this thing is starting up!! It feels like years to me??

  2. Mark, first of all thanks for posting your blog. It is very well written, I can see why you posted what you felt but I disagree on the thinking it is a kick in the face.That bar to me is an Icon. I am glad he helped to delay unfortunately, the inevitable.All good things come to an end and the bar is still on borrowed time even with Irsay's intervention. Also, Mr Irsay, has done lots of good things for the community as well. Lastly, I do reside on the Northside but would hardly consider myself and some other frequenters of that bar as elitest. I go to the Blue Crew to watch a game or two w
  3. What is on my mind? Not my hair....yuk yuk yuk..

  4. Excellent topic and as always point on analysis, Nadine. I would like to add that my late grandfather doled out to me some similiar words or nuggets of wisdom. He told me, "treat everybody like they are somebody and if by chance they prove themselves to be nobody still treat them as if they were simply anybody else.":) In other words, kill them with kindness and bowl them over with humor and intelligently agree to disagree on particular matters especially in the case of subjective material. I have learned that if we look for common ground and remember it is the subject matter and not the subje
  5. Super Bowl...what else??? :)

    1. BrentMc11
    2. southwest1


      It's getting close now...I can almost her the Natl. Anthem & military fly over...

  6. Colts/24/7

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    2. Coltsince4


      No you're not!! I'm not!!!!

    3. Emma


      I wear my colts gear everyday!

    4. southwest1


      Nice True Blue INDY loyalty there Emma! :)

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  7. Lol, tonight, I want the Patriots and Texans to lose.:)

    1. PrincetonTiger
    2. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      lol it will make history

    3. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Well it could end in a tie. We have already had one of those this year why not another. lol

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  8. "It is indeed tough to lose while carrying a horse shoe on one's helmet and having a lot of Luck for good measure."- Jaggededge. Greetings all! I did a blog awhile back called, "Looking Forward To The Day That 'Luck' Runs Out For The Colts." http://forums.colts....-for-the-colts/ It was my first blog on this site. The blog was more of a play on words and it was tongue in cheek at the time. However, at this time the title of that blog may hold a very ominous overtone or meaning for Luck and the Colts. Since writing that blog, I have been busy and have yet to blog since then, that is until now
  9. jaggededge


    From the album: Sports memorabilia

    1. Nadine


      hey stranger!

    2. jaggededge


      hello Nadine!!!!!!!:)

    3. bayone


      well, a vpoice from the past, hi there, hows the McCartney guitar and precious inked in autograph, besides the colt's stuff

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