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  1. New Head Coach Frank Reich had a great opening press conference. I believe he exemplifies a great attitude and is an inspiring speaker. I can not see the Colts under his regime getting off to there past notorious slow starts or get blown away in the second half. He is going to will it not to happen. I further trust and believe Andrew Luck got close to playing again know that he going to be playing for this Coach. Let me further believe that the combination of GM Chris Ballard and Head Coach Frank Reich will put together a strong staff, sign free agents and draft new players that will brin
  2. Bottomline we know nothing The Colts share nothing and as a season ticket holder since day one that disappoints me I want to know everything petitnent to other products I purchase I do not comprehend the Colts game or plan
  3. Do the Colts really need another injury prone player? While we are not strong at this position, if he can not be on the field he does not really help
  4. This coaching vacancy has not been filled as of yet. It is evident that what we are doing is not working. I am going to throw a name out that is a long shot. He has no NFL coaching experience. However, he is an NCAA running back coach and his running backs have been very successful. He does have Indiana ties but none that I can find with the present Colts staff. IU's Deland McCullough has a good track record and just may need the new blood and thinking outside the box that the Colts need to assist in improving their running game.
  5. The list of unrestricted free agents is up at nfl.com http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000626245/article/2016-nfl-unrestricted-free-agents-by-team My quick count shows 61 o-line of which 10 are centers. Who we think Ryan Grigson should be looking at? Check out the Steelers and the Seahawks, just saying
  6. So is Joe Philbin agreeing to keep him or this is just the coaches listing?
  7. I do not hear his name as a HC possibility anywhere else. This is a football job and he is a football job with a challenge. We should realize that every coach is competitive and appreciates a challenge. What is a bigger challenge than the Colts O-Line? If you are the O-Line coach that turns around would that not be a feather in his cap. Remember not every FB coach is cut out to be a head coach. I think he is definitely worth consideration for the job.
  8. I have continued to state that Andrew Luck deserves as good as center as Peyton Manning had Where is the next Jeff Saturday? Free Agents Look at Chris Hubbard of the Steelers or Patrick Lewis of the Seahawks and there are 21 more http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/center/ Who is the best college prospect? I like Nick Martin from the Fighting Irish (brother plays for Cowboys) or Ryan Lewis Crimson Tide and there are others http://walterfootball.com/draft2016C.php We must get better at this position before are o-line will get any better a
  9. not that Joe Thomas and Mack aren't good that does not get us in the direction of getting younger. Look at Free Agents 27 and younger would be a better direction And I will throw in the O-line needs a new coach
  10. With the new DC being a strong front 7 man we need a strong secondary coach Former Steeler Rod Woodson is an assistant with Oakland Grew up in Fort Wayne and played at Purdue give him a call He was a hitter and we need toughness
  11. Look at the centers 27 years of age and under. That is the number one need of the Colts When we had Peyton the second most valuable player was Jeff Saturday Andrew deserves an opportunity to have as good as center as Peyton had
  12. Mainly a front 7 guy We need to hire a strong secondary coach
  13. I like Aaron Cromer if we could lure him from the Bills Prior with Bears and Saints grew up in Ohio played at Miami of Ohio No previously experience with Chud might look at names he worked with in past.
  14. What would be the reason for keeping the OL coaches? I would think the new OC and DC coming in would add input to the coaches for their side of the football.
  15. Two more please O-line and D-Line it just not players that weak links these positions need new coaching blood as well maybe they are just going down the line Strength and Conditioning was a must go
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