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  1. We weren't going win the chip anyway, so let's get this top 5 draft pick and start fresh next year
  2. We would have a really good draft spot to pick from and load up on more talent that we need so that a positive way to look at it.
  3. The end was the best part dude was soo salty man... bleep T.Y Hilton hahha
  4. i live in philly so ive seen all of ajay games im not a fan he always hurt, he cant catch that why he was never full time starter they would bring in clement and smallwood and sproles when healthy, he can play if he has a nice size hole im not saying he a super bum but im more confident in ware abilities
  5. Glad we signed ware and not ajay
  6. Put the AFC South on Notice lets goo
  7. I'm hype for this had my tickets for months get to see luck vs wentz up front
  8. Packers shopping Cobb, I think he be a good compliment to t.y let's go get him
  9. That sneaky Andrew he been throwing this whole time lol
  10. Let's sign him asap, been watching him play for years he a beast
  11. Ballard is the man something about him I really like, and that Mic drop at the end beautiful
  12. We've jus became the laughing stock of the league smh, whatever let's see if Ballard can fix this
  13. I've been saying McDaniels needed a 2nd chance and that we need a offensive coach and now they both came true letsss gooo
  14. No none of these qb coming out are going to be as special as luck
  15. My man hooker with the open field tackle, good to see still remember the Landry days of missed open field tackles
  16. Good signing ballard, c-woke is my man carried me nd fantasy for weeks underrated rb
  17. Have u never heard of jj watt cuz he scores tds lol
  18. I wouldn't mind having here for 2 or 3 years and we draft a mlb to learn from him dude can deff still play ,him and foster from Bama yup I like that combo
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