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  1. My man hooker with the open field tackle, good to see still remember the Landry days of missed open field tackles
  2. Good signing ballard, c-woke is my man carried me nd fantasy for weeks underrated rb
  3. Have u never heard of jj watt cuz he scores tds lol
  4. I wouldn't mind having here for 2 or 3 years and we draft a mlb to learn from him dude can deff still play ,him and foster from Bama yup I like that combo
  5. Bout to time he came collected a checked and bounced, no room for players like that
  6. Never said anything bout dorsett being good lol, but coming from somebody who watches every eagles game dude is trash, nowhere near as skilled as moncrief
  7. Matthews is garbage he 6'3 can only play slot and only makes plays in garbage time when the game is out of reach
  8. U must be talking bout a different moncrief dude scored a td every game he played in fully how is tht not a beast, when he on the field
  9. Please no he too injury prone and we already have a high payed wr ,plus moncrief is a beast #feedmoncrief
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