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    I've been a Colts fan since 1996.  By far my favorite sports team! 
  1. I’m calling for Franks job! Need to keep Chris but move on from Frank!
  2. I totally disagree with you. I think CB has been the best thing that has happen to us in the last few years. Talk about the QB position. Yeah I'm sure he did believe in JB at first, but just like you mentioned all the names that CB didn't get right. All GM's are gonna make that mistake and take that risk. We will have to see, but I love the trade for Buckner and signing Rivers. JB is NOT the answer period! If we had drafted a QB (Which I didn't like any of them) we would be stuck for 3 to 4 year with them. I thought if CB would have done that he would have be panicking and making a bad decisio
  3. I don’t see us drafting a QB now that we traded our #1. The reason I say that is because I don’t think Ballard Roll the dice on a 2nd or 3rd round QB to start right away. Ballard is all in which he just showed with Buckner. Birssett isn’t the QB week one. If we get a QB in FA then no way we draft one. We would have 3 or 4 QB on the roster.
  4. With us trading our #1 pick (which I love the trade). Ballard has someone in the bag as our QB. 1) Either he has Rivers locked up or 2) He has been in talks with the Raiders and Gruden told him wait until make sure he gets Mariota, then he will make a Trade Carr to us. We will have a new QB by the end of the week.
  5. Yes, maybe Brissett isn’t our future but I believe in our front office to find that guy in time. Im glad we have him since our Franchise QB did what he did. I understand what you are saying about the type of player Watson is, but I think he is overrated. I’ve even heard he was in the top 3 QBs in the league, and I totally disagree. He hit Hopkins on a blown coverage, and again Hopkins on a bump and run with no help over the top. He should have thrown 3 INTs last night and a fumble at the end. He has the best duo WR’s in the game, obviously his o-line is better since we couldn’t be to him.
  6. I didn't quote you saying anything. All I'm doing is expressing my frustration about our O-line and you are commenting on my post acting like everything is all good. I hope you are right and we get this thing figured out and go on to have a great year.
  7. I know we brought more than just Kelly in ,but when you read all this stuff and see Reitz and Good on the right side. That's telling me we don't have much better to put out there. I like Reitz but I don't think he is a starter. AFC South has got some pretty good defensive ends. I hope we get it figured out and I think we will.
  8. I hate to know that you are pleased with how our O-line looked preseason or not. Its an issued that had to be fixed and I didn't see it. You dang right I have high expectations that's why I'm a Colts fan. If I was a Browns fan maybe I would be asking a little to much but I'm not. We have the best QB in the league lets give him an O-line to stand behind.
  9. I'm well aware we got more than just Kelly at O-line in the draft. All I'm saying is I still see the same problems at O-line as I did last year (missed assignments, getting beat of the snap, terrible run blocking.) I understand this was the first pre season game ,but I'm sick of our franchise QB on his back more than any other QB in the league with no run game. That's the #1 issue we had to address this offseason and I didn't see any major changes. I might be over reacting but gosh dang are my expectations just to high? I like going in to the season knowing we got the AFC South locked up.
  10. Watching this game makes me sick. I sure hope Philbin can clear this O-line up quick. I said it from day one last year that Reitz is not a starter. We draft Kelly and they thought that was all we needed. I know this is our first preseason game, but I felt as if nothing has changed from last year. What frustrates me more than anything is watching Paganos post game speech. I can't believe we gave him and Grigson an extension.
  11. Sorry but the Titans and Jags don't have Brady, Big Ben, or Luck. Yes they both have made a big splash this off season, but we made a big splash last year and look what we did. I love what we have done this off season other than lacking a pass rusher, but that will come.
  12. I like the pick. They will put some weight on him and will be able to cover the athletic TEs.
  13. I would like to see the us take a pass rusher 1st round (Leonard Floyd, Noah Spence, Shaq Lawson) best available. The 2nd round we need a leader at center (Jack Allen, Nick Martin) to bring our line together. The 3rd round need to be either FS or RG (best available). I have had predictions in the past but Grigson always surprises me!!
  14. He was a 1st round draft pick with 18 catches for 225 yards. We need him to play a bigger role this year so I hope he is putting a little extra work in. We have a solid receiving crew with one of the best QBs in the league. Our offensive could be special this year with a little help in the draft (Center, Guard).
  15. I like Reitz as a backup and I hope that Good can step up and fill that RT spot. My only concern is we have Watt, Clowney, Malik Jackson, and Orakpo on the other side. The #1 pick will more likely be a pass rusher but if Jack Conklin or Taylor Decker drops to us it might be worth the look.
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