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  1. Class move on Carson’s part. Gotta love it for the kid and really cool he’s bringing him to a Colts game. Think we’re going to be in good shape with this Qb on and off the field!
  2. Yeah, but would be nice to see.
  3. I don’t always agree and didn’t think Steve Smith Sr was very high on the Colts. He recently said he thinks Deshaun Watson should sit out and join the Colts possibly next year. He has the no trade and if it comes down to it that this is the best spot for him which I believe. Not just because of being a big Colts fan that we have money, draft picks etc. Crazier things have happened. I know the division thing but him with this offense!
  4. Was wondering if sending Carson to that Quarterback guru Peyton and Luck among others I think went to would be beneficial. Think Eason is working with him now. Any thoughts? Also newb here and was wondering if you had to wait or how do you post an original thread? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!
  5. I still haven’t heard who the quarterbacks coach is unless I missed it in post. Would be awesome for them to drop Peyton in that role during combine weekend. Who needs Josh McDaniels anyway!
  6. Gruden was rumored to be gathering a coaching staff,not sure where I heard it but the thought was he was replacing the Bucs coach. Heard today the Bucs coach was informed he would be back. So does anyone think the colts new staff has already been a behind the scene work in progress?
  7. Screen plays on 1st down , not when expected. Quit throwing that wasting down pass one yard out to receiver/ back. It's low percentage anything. For cryin out loud, be creative. Maybe work on touch passes and high percentage slants and crossing routes.
  8. Is this all smoke and mirrors comments by Irsay to later unveil his massive news of big name overhaul. To keep competition for these people off guard?
  9. I'd like to see Luck not throw that out route to the right sideline. It always looks like a replay of a pick/pick six. And usually is. Also think we need to watch our pass defense on short crossing routes this year as our linebackers look to be slow again. Especially with lack of edge rushers.
  10. These three should open up the underneath stuff and the running game. I can see Ferguson making big chunks of yardage on screens and Frank the ageless one busting some long runs.
  11. I hope we use more screens and Luck has worked on his touch on them and intermediate passes. We need to keep defenses honest. Think this would help the line and open up the offense.
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