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  1. I believe Darius Leonard was out this game as well?
  2. But regardless we have the 34th pick. So that allows us to make a trade like this. We picked up a future second as well. You cannot beat that. It's a great trade. Ballard has good draft history as well. It will work out.
  3. In my eyes we did. We are picking at 34. (1-36 is first round, but again in my own thoughts). So we did pick up another second round pick.
  4. Man, people who are downgrading this trade are delusional. This is a A-1 trade. We picked up a second this year. And a potentially high 2nd round pick next year. Picking high in the 2nd round is the 1st round. I consider 1-36 first round. We are looking to be in great shape.
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