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  1. Good opportunity for the new GM to set the tone NOW!
  2. I can believe Pagano is still the head coach. It's not rocket science. Then again, maybe it is.
  3. Enough with the Pagano nonsense already. It's been tiring for a long time. He's not the one who missed tackles, he's not the one who dropped passes. Did he call a lot of bad plays? Yes. Is he the best coach? No. Is he the absolute worst coach? No. People have been acting as though he's the worst person in the world. Get over it. Let's see what happens this coming year. If he blows, then he'll be gone. If the team does good with newer players, etc and the new GM, then we'll see what happens. Plain and simple. "You can't cry over spilled milk".
  4. Pagano wasn't the one who dropped a million passes, Pagano wasn't the one who missed a lot of easy tackles.
  5. Receivers that can catch passes and defense that can make tackles.
  6. If the Colts are in it the title should be changed to "Soft Knocks".
  7. Definitely get rid of Grigson. He picked poor talent for the most part.
  8. This has to be the worst tackling team I've ever seen. I'm 195 pounds soaking wet, 62 years old. I'm not so sure they could bring me down.
  9. I actually forgot that we even had any linebackers. It's become an afterthought.
  10. I"m sick of hearing how the Texans are good and how they won the division. They did not win the division. The Colts handed it to them on a silver platter.
  11. I'm thinking the same thing. Is this really the Colts? They can actually tackle! Amazing. Where has this been the past few years?
  12. They're very difficult to watch and incredibly frustrating. Been a fan since around '65 or '66. They cannot tackle at all. They continue to ve a very soft team on both sides of the ball. No toughness at all. Undisciplined-look at all the *ic penalties-then again, most of the NFL is like that too I guess. Like someone posted earlier, I keep saying I'm not going to watch but I keep getting sucked in. Then I'm disappointed. Today, since the weather is decent here I'll be going fishing. But I will be checking the game periodically on my cell phone. I may be back in time to catch the end
  13. You're so right about this team not even being fun to watch anymore. I keep telling myself I'm not going to watch, and then I watch anyway and get all * off and bent out of shape. I actually was glad they lost the game to Houston because they played so bad that they deserved to lose.
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