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  1. Yes they have beaten us in the past but this is a different season.....two different teams. I think we have a chance....especially if Robert Mathis is back by then.
  2. Man I'm getting real tired of hearing how a PO ed Brady is going to lay a butt whipping on us. IMO this years colts team has more than a solid chance of handing the pats a loss.
  3. Look...last season we beat up weak teams and got thrashed by elite teams. the steelers beat us by 17....the pats by 22 and the cowboys whipped us 42-7. Then we get a huge butt stomping from the pats again 45-7 in the playoffs. Forgive me if I'm not full of confidence in this colts team.
  4. I'm just not confident in this team. Until we can stop the pats from jamming 50 points down our throat I just don't see us getting very far.
  5. Pats got off cheap for winning another Lombardi. Perineal cheaters should be stripped of the trophy.
  6. I see a lot of colts fans complaining about Dorsett like he was our only pick this year. We have eight more to go people. Eight. Then I hear the complaining about not addressing our defense.....we DID make some moves in free agency. Its not like we were standing pat with who we had. Langford, Cole and Irving were brought in......
  7. Uh....we still have eight picks.....not to mention we have made Changes through free agency......
  8. Dorsett will be a playmaker for us.....far from being a 4th string wr. Relax....we still have eight picks to go.
  9. If Mathis comes back 100% great!....... but I'm optimistic about newsome and one of our newest colts Trent Cole.......I even have hope that werner will flip a switch.......
  10. Lol! Yeah its hard to get excited about a 7th.
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