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  1. It seems very difficult for people to believe this, and I don't know why. Giselle makes and has made more money per year than Tom does...for a few years now. Brady is beyond worrying...at all...about making more money. He and his family are set for life...perhaps generations if it is handled correctly. He needs to continue to have weapons and protection around him in his last NFL years. He's willing to take a pay cut in order to have that. He'll then retire and live a fairytale life that we peons can't even dream of.
  2. I think that Harbaugh was a great success. In a year or two, 98% of 49ers brass and fans will agree. There is always a margin of error...
  3. I didn't read through the whole thread, but I'm glad that Rhodes is getting some credit for '06. He and AV absolutely CARRIED the Colts to victory in the Baltimore playoff game. Say what you will about him or that team as a whole, but Rhodes has never gotten enough credit on this or other forums.
  4. Richardson wasn't worth a first round pick, but he isn't completely worthless. He does provide a bit of help in blocking and picking up a yard or so when asked...most of the time...and he can catch a bit. However, he is BAD as an NFL player. He's just one of Grigson's mistakes.
  5. Mathis is getting old in NFL terms, and he's coming off an injury and PED suspension. He most likely won't be the same caliber of player that he was. The Colts have to plan/draft for the future. Hopefully, they have someone on the staff that can do that in regards to quality O-line and D-line players...but this has yet to be seen.
  6. Under. The management of the offensive line has been poor, but 5.5 is ridiculous. Offensive line management has been more than poor...for three years running...but that's another topic.
  7. A man doesn't wear another man's name/number on his back. NONE.
  8. Out of the league, at home, sitting on his couch right now, he's still better than Gordy.
  9. As long as you have the ability to hurt Jackson's knee, as Gordy did, you'd be fine. Just try to do it on your first play...so you don't get winded.
  10. I think the Trent question has been answered at this point. Boom isn't a "world-beater" or anything, but as long as he can hold on to the ball, he's better than Trent. Bradshaw is miles ahead of both but, sadly, can't stay healthy.
  11. I still don't understand why anyone cares about what Skip Bayless has to say about...anything. He's a 50+ year old man called "Skip" for goodness sake! A professional troll.
  12. No, but he is still better than Gordy. Gordy was awful today. For all I know, you may be better than Gordy.
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