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  1. 59 minutes ago, ColtsBlueFL said:


    It's not Pagano and staff... it's the CBA.


    Players wanted a higher cut of profits, no two a days, and only one padded practice a week for 11 weeks, then only 3 more for the rest of the year (last 6 weeks).  That will keep your skills up... not.  :grumpy2:


    The only issue with this logic is that there should be 31 other teams with the same issues.


    This is 100% Pagano and Grigsons fault.

    We went to 4-3 to 3-4 and still have a horrible Defense. With this staff if we went to a 11-12 ( 11 linemen and 12 linebackers) at the same time we still wouldn't be able to stop anyone. ( And yes I know you can only have 11 on the field)

  2. I met Joey and his Dad this year at the Draft. I talked with them before the Draft and then after the draft. They were excited to be in San Diego.


     In my opinion I thought Joey and his father came across as snobbish and entitled.  I expect Joey's career to mimic his dad's and is the reason for the way they want the money paid out.

  3. Am I reading this post correctly? You believe that Pep Hamilton is the answer at head coach? Pep Hamilton is probably one of (if not THE) biggest reasons the Colts look so awful on offense and you want to make him HC?

    I agree I don't think I would want Nick Saban, but come on...Pep would be a clear cut downgrade from Pagano at HC and probably one of the last people I would want as head coach.

    Oh no...Pep is the reason we are clueless on offense..they need to clean house if this continues.

  4. This so reminds me of the 2001 season. At some point in the season Pollian decided Mora and staff had to go. My only concern is if we have a bad season we clean house and the make the mistake of hiring someone like Nick Saban or a big name coach who wants to rebuild...again...I truly believe it is Pep Hamilton..I dont blame Grigson for taking Dorsett because if we lost TY to free agency we would have needed a replacement. This loss burns more than any in the past..winds of change?

  5. Mike Adams yells to a fan in a colts suit on the sidelines - "That's a bad butt suit you got on man!!" Crowd laughs

    Thats me...I got 3 suits..I goto the NFL draft every year and where them there..I try to make it to at least one train camp in the suit..it was a little toasty in it..

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