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  1. One thought is the Colts were cutting Dorsett anyway and instead of risking Bisset signing else were we are getting him for sure.
  2. So what do we do with TJ Green? Does that mean Geatgers moves to ILB?
  3. Swoope is a free agent also..I hope Jack stays as long as it's cheap. I hope neither one leaves. All that time spent cultivating their talent just to leave..
  4. I think there was a misprint...all 52 players are inactive...
  5. The Defense was not good today. We were lucky the Chargers went great on offense...there was no..none..nada pass rush.. If they let Robert Mathis and his walker 3 yards over the line I don't believe he could get to the QB... Remember when people feared our pass rush..?
  6. The only issue with this logic is that there should be 31 other teams with the same issues. This is 100% Pagano and Grigsons fault. We went to 4-3 to 3-4 and still have a horrible Defense. With this staff if we went to a 11-12 ( 11 linemen and 12 linebackers) at the same time we still wouldn't be able to stop anyone. ( And yes I know you can only have 11 on the field)
  7. Rebelknight

    Joey bosa

    I met Joey and his Dad this year at the Draft. I talked with them before the Draft and then after the draft. They were excited to be in San Diego. In my opinion I thought Joey and his father came across as snobbish and entitled. I expect Joey's career to mimic his dad's and is the reason for the way they want the money paid out.
  8. He is still on the roster right? Last saw he was on the practice squad ..
  9. Don't you have to have performance for it to be considered enhancing?
  10. I wanted to let Colts nation know they have the free tickets up for the Combine. Its alot of fun. http://1iota.com/Show/510/2016-NFL-Scouting-Combine
  11. I understand...using this logic because Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring he is better than Dan Marino?
  12. I just noticed he is on the Practice Squad. Wow that's the first time I can remember a 1st rounder being put on the Practice Squad. Now anyone can sign him to their roster. http://m.colts.com/team/roster.html
  13. With Anderson going to IR and Tony Carter getting released off practice squad doesn't that leave us with open spots? I didn't see anywhere that we replaced them..did we fill the spots?
  14. How about Adam Gase....he seems to have done a good job in Chicago. Cutler has better numbers than Luck.
  15. Breaking news...Colts change it to all 53 players are inactive..
  16. Oh no...Pep is the reason we are clueless on offense..they need to clean house if this continues.
  17. This so reminds me of the 2001 season. At some point in the season Pollian decided Mora and staff had to go. My only concern is if we have a bad season we clean house and the make the mistake of hiring someone like Nick Saban or a big name coach who wants to rebuild...again...I truly believe it is Pep Hamilton..I dont blame Grigson for taking Dorsett because if we lost TY to free agency we would have needed a replacement. This loss burns more than any in the past..winds of change?
  18. Thats me...I got 3 suits..I goto the NFL draft every year and where them there..I try to make it to at least one train camp in the suit..it was a little toasty in it..
  19. When do fans start getting to training camp if the practice starts 1:30pm?
  20. I have gone to the last 6 Drafts. I love the atmosphere. I am the Guy that wears the blur Colts Zoot suit and blue goatee.
  21. I have gone to the last 5 Drafts..I will be there all 3 days..I am the guy with the blue goatee and blue suit..Go Colts
  22. With all the signings how much cap do we have left?
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