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  1. Yeah I agree, I think Irsay has been sold on Luck for some time now. While his sporadic nature does scare me, I think he prefers the guy he knows is pretty similar to Manning when he was drafted.
  2. I actually really like this signing. He was a really solid WR for the Rams for at least a year, and with Reggie as our #1, he is a nice opposite side guy letting Collie stay in the slot where he thrives.
  3. I think you are right, I just wish he would let it be and not add to this media fire that is going nuts on the RG3 band wagon.
  4. I actually agree completely. I honestly think looking at all the holes on our team, particularly on defense, taking a TE at the #34 overall pick would be unwise. There will still be some very good corners there at that pick, as well as NT and LB.
  5. I suppose anything is possible, but with his size and running a 4.45 forty at his pro-day, unlikely he falls past TE needy teams (e.g. Giants).
  6. Yeah, I just think it makes sense cutting Clark because of cap space, but it sure would be nice not to have to have a rookie TE too. I heard awhile back that the Colts were interested in Seattle's Carlson, but I have not heard a peep since then - so at this point we do not really have much to work with at the TE position, and Tamme would not have cost that much to keep.
  7. Well, the Colts really made a mistake on that one I think.
  8. I find it odd that they would both be at Baylor, and neither at Stanford. PFT did a mock today with the Colts taking RG3 first overall, perhaps we are over-assuming Luck is the pick?
  9. I really think they need to make an aggressive push to sign Garay. We have enough cap space that we could sign him and draft picks. We just need to anchor down that NT position, arguably it is the most important position in a 3-4 defense.
  10. No chance this will happen before his pro-day, but I am hoping I can stop semi-worrying Irsay will pull a crazy curve and go after RG3 instead of Luck.
  11. I understand the point, but NO ONE had Barkley rated higher than Luck when it was still assumed that he would leave college early this year.
  12. Orlovsky has already signed a two year deal with the Bucs. But I agree with the point, we need a veteran backup if we are going to be starting a rookie QB. Lienart may not be all that bad of an option to be honest.
  13. The dissension with the billboards and all that started in Denver was a nightmare last year. The last thing we need is for Tebow to come here, and Andrew (assuming he is our draft pick) struggles as a rookie and has to listen to "bring in Tebow" cheers from crazy fans. No thanks, let him go to Florida where the fans really love him and he would feel at home.
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