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  1. That call is a great example of how all this over-used technology results in splitting hairs instead of common sense.
  2. The Patriots are such a good team, it's hard not to at least respect the overall team's skills, despite all the drama. Very surprised how well the Colts are challenging them so far.
  3. We've played terribly and have barely beaten some horrible teams. New England is playing fantastic ball and ...... well they're the reigning champs like it or not. Besides, they've owned our rears going back some 5 years plus now. Telling the truth about this lop-sided match up will not be pleasing to Colts fans.
  4. The best decision they've made in some time. This will help blocking in the passing game quite a bit. I say use him sparingly in key situations and this is a damn good move.
  5. Let's not pretend that we know Mallet is not a team player because of some scowling after getting flip-flopped (yet again) by his desperate, confused, clueless coach. This O'Brien guy is an absolute disaster. He's been flip-flopping with these two QB's since the second quarter of week 1 for cripes sake. Show some leadership, make a decision and see it thru you loser! I would be angry too. You want Mallet to cheer how much? When he knows they'll just muck it up again in a few minutes and maybe what....... Hoyer throws an INT and Mallet is back in? Then maybe Mallet throws an incomplete pa
  6. Perhaps one of the most childish threads I've ever seen here.
  7. 1.3 seconds. Which is my random guess as to the average time he has to make a decision (go through his progressions) and release before being utterly destroyed. We want to complain about him, yet ignore that most QB's taking that kind of punishment would be in street clothes half the time? The kind of heat he's taking causes errant throws even when he's not particularly pressured on that given play. It's called being 'gun shy'. He's still hearing the report of hits he took 6 plays ago. This O-line needs serious money thrown at it, big money for proven linemen.... and it needs to happen
  8. Brown was my pick and I was quite puzzled and upset when we passed on him for another WR. This is something I came into this year thinking about, that I would compare his rookie production to the other D-lineman we picked. Three games though........ too early to extrapolate anything yet.
  9. You shouldn't bet on anything. Yes, I'm talking to you, gambling addicts.
  10. I'm one that isn't going to panic here. The way we've played so far in 2015 is absolutely no different than the way we started last year, and the way we've seen them play a lot last year and the year before. Hot and cold, as if they have a light switch. You better bet that this team will light it up soon. I'm not sure if I can remember more than a few complete games from this team over the last 2 years. We'll beat the pants off Tennessee tomorrow, mark my words.
  11. I'll worry about the other guys after we win a game and don't play like underachievers.
  12. I have serious questions about where his health will be by the end of the regular season, but I'm pulling for him. He was getting blasted Thursday night, over and over again. That is not sustainable at his age.
  13. On to the next game !!! We gonna be alright. We started out last year 0-2, losing to Denver, a team we throttled in the playoffs in their house. Everybody smoke a bowl and chill the hell out.
  14. We went to the AFCG last year, ya know. We've also gone 1 step further into the playoffs each year since 2012. This organization did all this after finishing 2011 as (by far) the worst team in the league. I expect us to be deep in the playoffs this season. I have no reason not to think this.
  15. I didn't get to watch the game, first time since 2011 I've missed a game. I only heard we lost, but knew nothing else. So far, this thread is all I know about the game...... and boy is it depressing what I'm hearing. I said a few days ago that our defense is two injuries from absolute ruin, and it doesn't sound like I was far off. I take it Mathis didn't play? Aside from all the doom and gloom, I expect our offense to pick it up quite a bit. It's just the first game, I'm sure that side of the ball will be fine, which will help put our highly suspect defense in better position. Final n
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