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  1. Ultimately, that one is on Pagano. He had plenty of time to call a timeout and get us out of that mess.
  2. I'm in shock. Who's @#@ is get canned for that pop warner goof up?
  3. I wish some of you would stop fighting in the GD thread. It's really awkward.
  4. I hate the Pats. I can't believe you hate the Pats too. We should hang out sometime.
  5. Once again a 3rd down route that needs at least 5 YAC to get the first. Everyone else was covered.
  6. They're winning. They get to shove and mouth off. I'd like to see our guys doing the same here real soon.
  7. That 4th down conversion was the play of the game so far.
  8. If I post enough tonight I'll hit 10k posts which in turn will make me awesome.
  9. Totally off topic but.... does Bellichick have a herpes sore?
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