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  1. I say we trade all of our draft picks for Ricky Williams!

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    2. The Fish

      The Fish

      Somebody is going to need to mellow out the fans..

    3. shakedownstreet


      he knows where to get the good weed!

    4. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      I agree Fish it's not fun to even read the threads anymore too much bickering and fighting. Guess it's a good time to take a break. lol

  2. GO GIANTS!!!!

    1. Coltssouth



      I hate waiting for a 3:00 game. Football withdrawals setting in. :)

  3. Good Luck to Jim Caldwell in whatever he does in the future.

  4. I think the Colts should draft 7 QB's so that we never have to go through that again.

    1. Nadine


      I cannot stop laughing!!!!!

  5. moar wins plz

    1. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      If we get moar wins the board will have a field day trying to figure if we lost our #1 pick. Oh plz moar wins !!!!

    2. Tayjah Symone'

      Tayjah Symone'

      #TeamColts always!!

  6. Hey, at least we might get that perfect season, right?

  7. Only the strong and faithful will follow down this road.

    1. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      I made sure to pack some hgh for this trip lol

    2. Coltssouth


      Nah! I'm just going so I can find something to complain about . . . my man says I can never find enough! :)

  8. I got this weird feeling that by the time Manning comes back Collin's is going to be getting hot. How weird would that be?

  9. Remember several weeks ago what I said about if Indy hires a vet QB and what that means? We ain't seein Peyton for many weeks.

  10. Thanks for the happy B-day wish, you were the first to acknowledge it!

  11. actually, I've been so darn ragged lately I forgot all about it til I got your message.

  12. Nick, You're one of the better posters we have here. Hope you stick around with that big 'ol juicy brain of yours brother.

  13. Good to have to here. We need some of the old school members that know football...

  14. I like your swagger :)

  15. Were you on our last few message boards? Just curious..

  16. Frickin love the avatar. I don't typiacally enjoy 'L0L' cats, but yours is boss.

  17. Happy belated birthday Barry!!!

  18. SHECOLT...slayer of trolls

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