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  1. I believe this is what they'll be showing pregame this Sunday night before the Colts/Steelers game... Good stuff from Patty Mac, the show was filmed a few weeks ago at Morty's Comedy Club: http://www.nbcsports.com/video/colts-punter-pat-mcafee-tries-his-hand-stand-comedy
  2. agreed on all points... who is most responsible for making these things happen? OC? head coach? players?
  3. doesn't matter as long as we shtick to the proshess and keep shwingin that axshe
  4. Does anyone other than me think the Colts have a chance here? - can't see the Colts losing 4 straight - at Lucas Oil Stadium - new OC will provide a spark (and better play calling!) - players don't wanna let Manning set all-time records against them - barring last week, Denver is not that good (they beat the following teams by 1 score or less: Ravens, Chiefs, Vikings, Raiders, Browns in OT!) I think it will be close, but Luck gets out of his slump due to better play calling with quicker, easier throws. Colts don't abandon the run game and get Allen and Fleener involved. Colts win at LOS
  5. hope this doesn't add to the already-too-many Colts OL penalties
  6. a year later and this drop still makes my blood boil...
  7. Don't know if it's been discussed, but I saw that the Pats (already thin) secondary is getting thinner... Apparently Tarell Brown is going to miss the game with a foot injury. A guy named Rashaan Melvin, who they just signed, is most likely filling in his role. This has to be good news for Luck and his targets. Anyone know exactly how big of a loss Brown is for the Pats?
  8. Cool. I took 11/3 off work because I will either be drowning my sorrows or taking celebratory shots... Hopefully the latter.
  9. I'll be at the game... Tailgating all day, then going to LOS for Sunday Night Football! I am looking forward to this game, I am curious to see what the Colts can ACTUALLY look like. What I mean by that is, we have yet to see the Colts at their best through first 5 games. Weeks 1 and 2 Colts OL was terrible, no protection and penalties every other play, poor defensive showings Week 3 OL personnel changed, but didn't seem to click until the 4th quarter. DB depth was nonexistent. Week 4 Luck out, Hasselbeck in, somehow stole a W Week 5 Luck still out, OL looking solid, Andre comes alive, DE
  10. being the Pirates Gatorade cooler being the Texans Gatorade cooler having a receiver you cut score 2 TDs on you being a DE named JJ and getting leveled by a TE getting dominated by "the worst O-line in the league"
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