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    Well, i'm a BIG Brandon Burlsworth fan...as you can tell. The first player i mocked correctly going to my Colt's was Brandon...in the exact round (just so happened that he was also my favorite guard...ever) . So, i was thrilled to have one of my favorite players/friends on my TEAM! When we lost Brandon shortly there after...it hurt us all. I didn't talk or get involved with football for a long time afterward, but now i'm back...to lend an opinion and chat about the best darn game in the world.

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  1. Where can i find the section member's title? I can't locate it anywhere.

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      Click on your username (upper right hand corner). Click on "my settings". That should take you to a page that says "General Account Settings". Go down to where it says "Profile Information. There you should find a section to add a member title.

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