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    Well, i'm a BIG Brandon Burlsworth fan...as you can tell. The first player i mocked correctly going to my Colt's was Brandon...in the exact round (just so happened that he was also my favorite guard...ever) . So, i was thrilled to have one of my favorite players/friends on my TEAM! When we lost Brandon shortly there after...it hurt us all. I didn't talk or get involved with football for a long time afterward, but now i'm back...to lend an opinion and chat about the best darn game in the world.

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    <p>The Buddy Holly Of Football....</p>

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  1. I'm aware of what "kudos" means. And when it's used in a tongue in cheek way. I'm not an *....
  2. You didn't really have to take a shot at me. But whatever.... Yup, i saved my money and turned it into a pretty darn good business.
  3. I'm pretty sure LUCK is more than capable of running.
  4. I didn't actually mean 6, just a rotational type thing 3 wr, 2 te or 4 wr 1 te. Yes, i'm all for an empty backfield at time...we suck anyway at running.
  5. Yes, of course. It's quite clear what we're going to do, which is pass. But can they stop it??? I liked Buddy Ryan's attitude back in the day, of i'm going to pass and you're not going to stop it. Or i'm going to blitzcrieg you and you still can't throw. Some of those Eagle/Oiler team's were nasty.
  6. Can you imagine guys like wayne, hilton, rogers, moncrief and fleener on the field at the same time??? Wow....
  7. I want to see different looks, such as a couple of option plays, run-n-gun, and with our depth at receiver, i would like to see some run-n-shoot offense...similiar to what Moon did in Houston. Get 5 or 6 out there at the same time. And of course the no huddle offense, which luck seems comfortable with.
  8. I want to see more of Chandler Harnish actually, but i like Matt.
  9. Then push the SuperBowl back a month, then do it. And yes, i'm fine with it being a snow game.
  10. Players often make positional switches in the NFL. EXAMPLE: Mario Harvey, Robert Mathis and so on. You act like there's no possible way Williams could do it.
  11. Back in the day both Neil Smith and Alfred Williams( he actually only took 20,000...if you're going by the book) took less, just to play for a contender (Bronco's) .
  12. That's a valid point. We would have to crunch the numbers salary wise to obtain him.
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