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  1. Got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed today, please, help. :argh:

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    2. NBColtsFanatic


      Thank you Nadine! I really appreciate all of you guys replying!

    3. Jules


      Nadine is right about salt water, I had forgotten about that. I had mine out maybe 7 years ago. In a few days you should feel a lot better. The whole key is to avoid taking away the Colts that form over the incisions. Those Colts there are crucial to heal or else you get "dry pockets or sockets" or something that can hurt like hell and become infected. No sucking out of a straw, no smoking, no chewing etc. And you can't brush and floss till the wounds heal, I had to use some water pick to clean out my teeth carefully.


      I had them all done at once too, all 4. It was hell.

    4. NBColtsFanatic


      Alright, thanks! Honestly, it doesn't even hurt that bad.

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