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  1. Had the pleasure of going to LOS in November against the Jags, the wife and I went on a roadtrip from Windsor, Ontario I've told the story before but I'll tell it again lol I got to meet Peyton on the sidelines, he was about to walk onto the field when I yelled and got his attention and he signed our baby jumper for us which is now framed and hanging in the nursery and pictured in my avatar (for our daughter Peyton)...yeah we named her after our GOAT QB (I say our QB because no matter what happens in Denver he will always be a Colt in our hearts) but I digress we arrived friday night and saturday we toured the city and did some shopping at the circle center and another mall in the suburbs which had a cheesecake factory...I remember walking into the colts Pro shop at the mall and being like a kid in a candy store ..I didn't have enough money in the world for what I wanted to buy! and then we went to the Build A Bear workshop where we got a Colts cheerleader bear for our (as yet unborn) daughter then I remember walking up the stadium during game day and almost getting a tear in my eye...it was a beautiful experience..had great seat neighbours who gave me a little good natured ribbing for being the "new guy" and I left the city feeling as if it was my adopted hometown! Love you Indy!! I can't wait till the next time I'm there Also..can't wait for the Colts game at Ford Field here in Detroit this season! Go Luck!
  2. At first I was being a little sympathetic....this Ryan guy is getting alot of flak for stating his opinion..but as I kept on reading ..especially his replies....total tool! his favourite three words...substantiate your claims?...and I love the reply he gave 2) No NFL team wanted him. Was it that, or the fear of the media heckling his teammates for a soundbite? Let's say that's true...that the reason no NFL team wanted him and the ONLY reason he resorted to working in the Arena league was that there was a fear of the media heckling his teammates for a soundbite...that still means no NFL team wanted him..regardless of the reason...he's unwanted..enough said but I propose we do an investigation...after all has anyone ever seen T.O. and Ryan Michael in the same room together??
  3. I've been doing a little research about Thanksgiving days and about the possibility of the Colts coming to Detroit for the big day I think in this regard I've got some bad news...general concensus seems to say that the league is looking to put all teams that have never been to a thanksgiving day game or had a very long drought into the Thanksgiving day games apparently there was an anomoly in the scheduling formula since 2002 that effectively "locked out" NFC north teams from the thanksgiving games ..this was revised in the '10 season when the Bengals played the Jets...next year the Ravens played the 49ers...who had the longest drought of playing in the Thanksgiving day game...(after the Chargers who have never played) I wouldn't be surprised if the 3rd game this year consisted of the Steelers and someone else....who knows maybe against the Chargers? the other thing is that the Colts have played in two Thanksgiving day games in "recent" memory..in Detroit in '04 and against the Falcons in '07 the Texans have never appeared in a thanksgiving game in their current form and the next time the Texans play IN Dallas (the other thanksgiving team) would be 2014 ..unless of course they are added in as the third game either this season or the next Bad news I know =( all signs point to the Texans..and believe me I hope I'm wrong as it looks like I'll be able to get tickets for the game
  4. I'm really looking forward to the 3-0 nailbiter!
  5. Absolutely HATE!: Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Chargers Dislike: Texans, Titans, Saints, Packers, Vikings, Jets Patriots, Texans and Titans for obvious reasons and the Patriots deserve a special place in heck! lol as for the rest..Steelers are a special hate as well for a few reasons..living by Detroit I fully expected the Colts to come to the Superbowl that year...and you can't imagine the attitude of the Steelers fans around here when wearing my colts gear..it wasn't good natured ribbing..they were just A wholes!...that and I used to be a Browns fan until they moved so the Ravens are lumped in there too..as for the Chargers...well ..after the Patriots I always felt they were our second rival as for not liking the Packers or Vikings I have family who like both teams...dad's a packers fan and my uncle is a vikings fan who likes to dig about the Colts (as if he has something to talk about) = P ..and the Jets...Ryan...he's a *!
  6. Your Mind reading boggles me! I already bought my Lacey Lions Jersey!! In all fairness though I live right across the river from Detroit so if the Lions were to ever win the superbowl (geeze who would have ever even entertained the idea?!?) I'd be happy for them..and this year I'm going to see the colts when they come to visit!! yay!
  7. http://www.colts.com...68-a3f7a6a5864f Well here's a picture if you want a good chuckle! I'm the guy in the striped colts hat between the blone and the guy there..Petyon went over to the other side before I could get right down to the field ..darn people blocking me!! LOL My wife laughed at the picture cause she said I have crazy eyes like I'm going to knock everyone out of my way!! November 13th vs Jacksonville EDIT: didn't link to the specific picture....the picture I'm talking about should be the 6th one down the line
  8. My wife called me from work so we could watch the press conference together I think perhaps some certain basketball players should have taken notes from Peyton and Irsay on how to run a proper media conference even if I hadn't watched the press conference I know what kind of person Peyton is, during the pre game this season when he was signing autographs I heard him say that he had to leave and was heading onto the field to talk with someone when I shouted to get his attention he saw that I had a Colts baby t shirt for my daughter in my hands and he stopped and headed back to sign it! I'm not naive I'm sure that not all NFL players would stop in mid stride to do that, hope you win your next super bowl whereever you go Peyton wish it was with the Colts #18 forever on the field and in our hearts
  9. On the Off chance that you read this Peyton My wife and I want to wish you the speediest recovery not just for the football team but for yourself and your family as well You probably won't remember this but on November 13th against the Jaguards we attended our first football game from Windsor Ontario and even though I thought it was a long shot I waited at the sidelines and you signed our unborn daughters "Colts first tee" jumper it is now a centerpiece for the nursery room and I just wanted to say thank you again it meant so much to us that you would take the time to do that! We are also naming our daughter Peyton and it's our hope you take that as an honour God Speed!
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