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  1. i am not saying he was terrible. I would rate the pats offense then a c+ maybe b- on a good day. it is fair to say the patriots would not have won those sbs with an avg d tho. i think if bledsoe was there he wouldve won 3 too
  2. I think that it would be ridiculous, in theory, to expect someone as part of their job to be subjected to being made feel uncomfortable sharing a lockerroom daily with a known homosexual. I think there are definitley people who will not feel comfortable with that, and I honestly think they have a fair claim. period.
  3. he had 1 passing td and lots of yard during prevent d game over time. he had one rushing td. he did poorly for playoff sb champion brady
  4. that is the problem with society. I cannot voice my opinion that is completely valid, because I will be made to feel like a gay-basher. It is completely unfair of you to insinuate that from what Ive said.
  5. talib was not going to do so much for the patriots that they had a chance to win with brady missing wide open tds.
  6. actually that is exactly what it means. especially considering the fact that it is pro athletes and not just average joes. If I had to change and shower with a bunch of swim suit models... they would probably feel a little uncomfortable. i guess it would be okay if he does that stuff in a different room, but if i owned the team it would just be too inconvenient to build another locker room for gays. I would say forget it. especially if the player was a 5th round questionable pick. btw, there are more pass rushers in the draft then sam. you probably havent heard of them because theyre str
  7. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret... players tend to improve beyond there 3rd year in the league.
  8. You are telling everyone things "the media as a whole" have said and according to u are currently saying. Please post one link not during the superbowl week where anyone said "he would not get past this/unable to overcome loss" because that is just flatout propaganda and misinformation. I would hardly call that "giving my opinion" Not really sure why you think im riled up. If by riled up you mean I am pointing out that you are spreading misinformation and saying everyone is doing this, when in fact no one is doing that, and speaking for people who arent amfootball, then you will just have to
  9. You cant just brush aside volume stats sorry dude. They show that the volume of work and yards he had to obtain was not very much because he was riding a great team. end of story. His completion percentage etc, while not being a good point to begin with, were not that great in the years he won anyways. about average
  10. not really it is time to quit watching first take and taking their "opinions" and projecting it as an entire uniform every member of the media is wearing and telling colts fans what the entire media as a whole is doing as if youre their voice
  11. I cant tell if this was a parody, so I will adress it. 3rd down efficiency- the most irrelevant stat to use. I have a big gripe about this stat that most dont agree with. I am not going to post it because it is very abstract, but I will say youre running low on ammo when you have to use 3rd down efficiency to defend a qb completion percentage- his completion percentage was waay up in 07 other than that it has been okay. Matt Schaub has a higher career completion percentage...not exactly a stat of his you look at and think "my god" td/int ratio... if you think this has been consistent his
  12. aside from first take maybe, no one was really saying that. I think you hear what you want. Aside from a day or so after the super bowl, no one has said anything. Youre exxgeratting this waaaaay too much.
  13. I dont want him. He is gay. It will probably create problems. Where will he shower/change etc? Some guys just arent going to be cool with that. on top of all that, hes just not very good. No thanks
  14. Some decent points, but the fact of the matter is they played the greatest offense in NFL history. They were not going to hold them under 20 points. Brady was going to have to play good and put up points to win. He wasnt good enough to do that. I would consider holding Denver to 26 points somewhat of an accomplishment. Also, with the ammount of weapons Denver had, Talib cant cover all of them. Or even one of them completely.
  15. The same can be said for most "game manager" qbs. Everyone has a great performance sometimes.
  16. Please, lets just speak for ourselves. Each Patriots fan is their own entity. I never said Amfootball said he wouldnt move on. I took "he will have to answer for this" negatively. I dont see how to take it any other way. I have never seen someone use the phrase "you will have to answer for this!" in any way shape or form to explain something not terrible or negative. And as already explained, I feel it is highly hypocritical.
  17. Oh, it definitley a negative term. The tuck rule game and one drive dont change the fact that it is very applicable to Bradys SB years.
  18. It doesnt have anything to do with the 2013 broncos. It had to do with a response. "manning will have to answer for this!" "his team may not move on!" and other pessimistic points. I was pointing out that those same people probably wouldnt be saying those things if it wasnt a rival, as evidenced by the fact that maybe their QB had a stunning loss in the Super Bowl, but they werent saying those things then. They were too busy giving him a pass and making excuses. I also show how Brady clearly was unable to move on from the AFCCG, but they will ignore this as well.
  19. You will always need linebackers. The running back position is not disappearing, it is changing. It will never go away. You will always need versatile lbers because otherwise teams will audible into runs. Linebackers are definitley changing, but I think disappearing is not the right word.
  20. Most football fans know what game manager is. While it is not a "technicaly" correct term, it is used to describe a QB who focuses more on going through the motions and just not making mistakes because he has an immensely talented team around him. As opposed to a QB who puts his team on his shoulders and does the heavy lifting to get a win.
  21. True, but police ussually dont stop crimes. They get there when it is over. It is best to depend on yourself for protection and safety (including safety from the police)
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