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  1. Being new to the forums I'm really ecstatic to see the amount of Rogers believers. I've been screaming about him since we picked him up, glad other people are too.
  2. This is a really difficult question, but I've gotta go with Nicks. If you watch his highlights, his ability to move after the reception is crazy; he's elusive as hell. Plus, we've already got a Desean Jackson with less attitude in T.Y. ;)
  3. I don't understand it. Why can't one just be their own? Stupid, .
  4. I can't see Wayne and Allen being extremely affected by their injuries, and if that's the case, our passing game will be top of the line.
  5. I could honestly see this happening. The Colts definitely think that the running back position is of importance to us. Trent could still be terrible and the other two could potentially re-tweak their injuries, or just not return well from them. That's gotta have us scared at least a little bit. I think the familiarity and veteran-status could cause us to go for him.
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