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  1. we have an "in the box" S already, in LaRon Landry. I like Brooks in this one better. He'd also be good value if we'd get him in 5th.
  2. i love Tuitt. Unfortunately, he wont be available in the 3rd, let alone at 59. Optionsavailable in the 3rd at S position. Hopefully a guy like Bucannon will be there. I also like Terrence Brooks and Shane Vereens brother Brock Vereen,out of Minnesota. It sucks that we dont have a 4th round pick either,but i agree withaddressing the CB need in 5th. I think Purifoy is a decent option. I also like SJB-Nebraska, and im very high on Pierre Desir-Lindenwood,an under the radar guy w/great size,length,and instincts. Not sure Michael Sam will be there at that point either,nor do i think he'd fit w/Colt
  3. Halapio will last past the 5th rd. Marcus Martin is a guy you'd need to grab at 59. He can play G or C, which increases his value, and makes him a great fit for our o-line. S is our other big area of need, however, i think us fans are putting to much emphasis on FS and SS. I think Grigs will find a good fit for us at S. Lamarcus Joyner from F.State was a college CB,but is projected as a pro FS. A good example of why not to get hung up on SS or FS.
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